Sandwiches Recipes

Friday at 8:00 AM

Bleu Cheese, Walnut & Pear Sandwich

By Laura Spencer-Whitacre
A tasty mix of flavors; a real popular sandwich for tea. Have your hat yet? xoxoxo
Thursday at 3:45 PM

Monte Cristo sandwich "Bennigans" knock off

By mary hendricks
If you are old enough and remember Bennigans you'll remember the Monte Cristo sandwich .. Oh...
Jun 18, 2020


By Rhonda O
In Indiana we are famous for our Deep Fried Pork Tenderloin Sandwich. This is my take on...
Jun 17, 2020

Pork Tenderloin Souvlaki

By Lou Kostura
After eating Greek food in Greece it has changed my mind on how its done here...
Jun 11, 2020

Chicago Dog Wrap

By barbara lentz
These are great for camping. Just wrap each separate in foil grab and cook on a...
May 18, 2020

Scrambled Hot Dog

By Barbara Miller
I was born in Columbus, GA when Daddy was stationed at the Army Base at Fort...
May 14, 2020

Tuna Melt

By Beth Pierce
These family friendly open faced sandwiches are a tasty combination of tuna salad, tomato and cheddar...
May 9, 2020

Hot Brown

By Beth Pierce
This Hot Brown also known as a Kentucky Hot Brown or a Louisville Hot Brown is...
May 5, 2020

Monte Cristo Sandwich

By Beth Pierce
The bread on this easy to make delectable ham, turkey and Swiss Cheese sandwich is dunked...
Apr 25, 2020

Megan's BBQ Ham for Sandwiches

By Megan Stewart
Leftover ham? Here's a great way to use it! Easy, quick, good!
Apr 25, 2020

Our Family Crock Pot Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches

By Lana Bade
You will be making these often when you see how easy and delicious this one is....
Apr 19, 2020

Crispy Turkey Melts

By Amy Herald
It's yummy!
Apr 14, 2020

King's Hawaiian Tuna Melt Supreme

By Family Favorites
My personalized version of the old standard tuna melt. One of my favorite lunches with a...
Apr 3, 2020

Cranberry Cream Cheese Sandwich

By Barbara Miller
This simple little sandwich is delicious, easy, nutritious and filling. * Marble Rye (I use Pepperidge...
Mar 8, 2020

Crispy Chicken Sandwich

By Amy Herald
Have a seat Popeyes!
Feb 27, 2020


By Francine Lizotte
Crispy on the outside and soft & chewy on the inside, these are a great food...
Feb 14, 2020

Sandwich Essential: Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese

By Andy Anderson !
I came up with this recipe a few weeks ago, at least on paper. Last evening,...
Jan 17, 2020

Grilled Cheese With Caramelized Onion Jam

By Gretchen ***
Super easy Friday night meal, or lunch anytime. Husband and kids loved it!
Jan 11, 2020

Philly Cheese Steak ~ My Way

By Amy Herald
You could also add in diced green peppers to the onion and mushroom saute if you...
Jan 8, 2020

Pub Grub Essentials: Hot-Beef Sandwich w/au jus

By Andy Anderson !
This is a simple sandwich that you can build into anything you like. Or, you can...
Dec 17, 2019

Italian Sausage, Megan's

By Megan Stewart
I have always enjoyed Italian Sausages from childhood. We used to make them on the stove...
Nov 5, 2019

Sandwich Essentials: Baked Pork & Ham Sammie

By Andy Anderson !
When I started making these for Sunday brunch, they were supposed to be Cubano sandwiches; however,...
Oct 7, 2019

Homemade burgers with mint and cumin yogurt sauce

By Ramona's Cuisine -
* time to cook the burgers will obviously vary depending on the size you have chosen...
Sep 13, 2019

Po Boy Sandwich

By Beth Pierce
This delectable easy Po Boy Sandwich also know as a Poor Boy sandwich combines ham, Swiss,...
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