Healthy Chicken Recipes


By Ellen Bales
I'm always looking for cashew chicken variations--love the stuff! I will order that almost every time...

All Purpose Spice Rub

By Lisa Foote
I use this simple rub on chicken, fish, pork and beef. It's so easy to do-...

Almond Boneless Chicken w/Rice

By Marie Baker
For this recipe and more visit Have a Question give me a call, leave a message...

Almond Broccoli Chicken -Fried Rice

By Denise Miles
Delicious! A Great full Meal with a bit of Crunch!


By Ellen Bales
Found this great little recipe waiting in my inbox this afternoon and I just knew it...


By Ellen Bales
I adopted this orphan recipe. Poor thing--nobody wanted it, but it sounded so good I decided...

Amazing Chicken Breasts

By Jeanne Collins
A friend shared this on Facebook and I made a couple of adjustments. It's the most...

Amazing "Date Night" Chicken Tacos

By Shanelle Long
We LOVE to go to our favorite Mexican restaurant... but when we can't get a sitter...

Amish Canned Sloppy Joes (For 6 qt's bone meat)

By Stormy Stewart
From an Amish cookbook. This can be used for any meat.

Amish Chicken Casserole

By Zelda Hopkins
This is another dish that I make that came out of an Amish Cookbook. It is...

Angel Hair Spagetti and Garbanzo

By Cora Warner
A Different kind of Spaghetti. I made this on Saturday March 9,2013. My Husband and I...

Anita's Grilled Chicken...

By Anita Keane
I love grilled meats of any-kind... sorry if it offends anyone..But it was how I was raised...

Anita's Southern Barbecue

By Susan Feliciano
We just had this at my daughter's house in Indianapolis. Her husband thinks it's the BEST...

Another Easy Chicken Recipe

By Carol Perricone
Quick, easy, and delicious!!


By Sherri Williams
one of my favorite vegetables is asparagus. i saw mario batali cook asparagus and eggs...

Appetizer Chicken Bundles

By Brandy Bender
Found this on a Jewish site.

Apple Chicken Salad

By Kellie Parker
I always enjoy making this salad .. its very quick and easy to do. Hope you...


By Ellen Bales
Another recipe using shallots in the sauce. This looks and sounds absolutely sinful! I can't wait...

Apple Pecan Grilled Chicken Dinner Salad

By Family Favorites
My husband is completely obsessed with Wendy's Apple Pecan Salad and asked me to duplicate it...

Apple Stuffed Chicken Breast

By Hope Adcox
This is, I think, the best meal I have ever made. If I could eat this...

Apple-Glazed Cornish Game Hens

By Daily Inspiration S
This is delicious and fragrant dish from WW - 7 pts. per 1/2 hen and...

Applewood Rub Chicken Cordon Bleu

By Sherri Williams
This is an easy and delicious healthy Chicken Cordon Bleu. No breading needed. This...

Apricot - Balsamic Chicken

By Doreen Fish
Easy to special ingredients....healthy too!! If u r following Weight Watchers this is 8 points...

Apricot Chicken

By Suzan Baroni
I am posting this recipe as written. It was a new one to me and I...
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