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Beans/Legumes Recipes

A piece of Mom's Impossible Cheeseburger Pie on a plate.

Mom's Impossible Cheeseburger Pie

Tiffany Ash avatar
By Tiffany Ash
My mom found this recipe when I was a kid and I loved it. What ...
(21 ratings)
Black Bean and Quinoa Salad With A Kick.

Black Bean And Quinoa Salad With A Kick

Amy Croyle avatar
By Amy Croyle
This has become one of my family's favorites. It is perfect for summer potlucks, and ...
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Baking dish filled with Out-of-This-World Baked Beans.

Out-of-this-world Baked Beans

Norma DeRemer avatar
By Norma DeRemer
I have made this so long that I don't remember where I got the recipe. ...
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Roasted Garlic Cilantro Jalapeno Hummus in a bowl with pita and carrots.

Roasted Garlic Cilantro Jalapeno Hummus

Jodie Scales avatar
By Jodie Scales
I fell in love with hummus when I worked at a farmer's market in California. ...
(6 ratings)

Mari's Famous Cuban Black Beans

Lori L (JostLori) avatar
By Lori L (JostLori)
This recipe is from my daughter-in-law's mother, Mari, who was born and raised in Cuba. ...
Cowboy Caviar in a bowl with corn chips.

Cowboy Caviar - Stephanie

Stephanie Dodd avatar
By Stephanie Dodd
This is the best Cowboy Caviar I have had. The dressing is homemade and makes ...
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Bowls of Comforting Lentil Soup.

Comforting Lentil Soup

Shelia Senghas avatar
By Shelia Senghas
We love lentils at our house and eat them regularly. They are nutritious, and this ...
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homemade baked beans

Baby Kato's Yellow Eyed Beans

Baby Kato avatar
By Baby Kato
You can substitute with your favourite bean if you prefer, but please use real maple ...
A tasty and colorful Beet Hummus served with crudites, naan bread and pita crisps.

Beet Hummus

Francine Lizotte avatar
By Francine Lizotte
A nice change from ordinary ones, this colorful hummus is so tasty! Grab a couple ...
A bowl of Bean & Pea Slow Cooker Soup.

Bean & Pea Slow Cooker Soup

Donna Graffagnino avatar
By Donna Graffagnino
Also sometimes called Pantry or Cupboard Soup, this amazing, hearty Crock Pot dish can't get ...
(11 ratings)

White Bean Soup For Two

Maggie M avatar
By Maggie M
Just your basic white bean soup that is warm, filling and comforting. Delicious served with corn ...
(1 rating)

Kahlua Baked Beans

Vickie Parks avatar
By Vickie Parks
In 2011, an article appeared in The Seattle Times which reminisced about some of the ...
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Elaine's Spicy Black Bean Soup

Elaine Douglas avatar
By Elaine Douglas
This recipe is a delicious, quick, easy, and economical way to get more protein and ...
This is a long time recipe that has been in my family for many years.  We all love soup anytime of year!

Lentil Soup

Melissa Snow avatar
By Melissa Snow
This is a soup recipe my parents have been making since the 70's. It's ...

Bean And Ham Stew

Jennifer S avatar
By Jennifer S
This came about because I wanted to clean out my freezer. I found a ...
Add a salad , or any side dish.

Mexican Black Bean Casserole

Tiege Rd avatar
By Tiege Rd
Such a yummy way to have a Mexican themed dinner. Add a salad and ...
Bowl of Three Amigos Chili with shredded cheese.

Three Amigos Chili

Darci Bos avatar
By Darci Bos
This chili is by far the best I have ever had and I am not ...
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Mom's Kidney Bean Salad

Carolyn Haas avatar
By Carolyn Haas
I loved it when my mom used to make this in the summertime. This is ...

Camping Casserole

Vickie Parks avatar
By Vickie Parks
This casserole is filling and a perfect choice for the campground, picnic or backyard barbecue. ...

Broad Beans With Bacon

Marion Wilting avatar
By Marion Wilting
This is a sturdy Westphalian recipe. If no fresh ones are available, you can use ...
(1 rating)

Hummus With Garlic And Cumin

Barbara Lentz avatar
By Barbara Lentz
So easy and delish. Bring on the chips.

Beans And Ham, My Way

Megan Stewart avatar
By Megan Stewart
I don't like just navy beans, so here you go...hope you enjoy!
This super creamy, flavorful refried bean dip is a party favorite.  It comes together in less than fifteen minutes of prep time and reheats perfectly at a reduced power level in the microwave.

Warm Bean Dip

Beth Pierce avatar
By Beth Pierce
This recipe for Warm Bean Dip is a real crowd-pleaser with creamy refried beans mixed ...

Skillet Baked Beans With Bacon

Carolyn Haas avatar
By Carolyn Haas
I recently discovered sugar-free barbecue sauce and that means the only thing in this recipe ...
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