Green For St Patricks Day Recipes

Go Green for St. Patrick's Day

Hungry for new St. Patrick's Day recipes? This year, go green!


Spinach Cheese Bars Recipe

Spinach Cheese Bars

By Nancy Clemens
An employee I worked with brought this recipe in one day and I fell in love...
St Pattys Day Pie By Freda Recipe

St Pattys Day Pie By Freda

Just decided we needed a "Green Pie" today, and This Super FAST and Easy one came...
Shamrock Shake Recipe

Shamrock Shake

By Kim Biegacki
When St. Pat's Day rolls around one thing I always try and get is a McDonald's...
Grandma D's Frozen Key Lime Pie Recipe

Grandma D's Frozen Key Lime Pie

By Kim Biegacki
My first experience to have this pie was in 1985 and I lived in Ft. Lauderdale,...
Blarney Stone Bars Recipe

Blarney Stone Bars

By Kim Biegacki
These bars are full of flavor, chewy, rich and very moist. I did update the directions...
Green Bean Casserole Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe

Green Bean Casserole Stuffed Mushrooms

By Liz Owen
My daughter loves Stuffed Mushrooms and Greenbean Casserole. This is the best of both.
Bacon Wrapped Grilled Asparagus Recipe

Bacon Wrapped Grilled Asparagus

By Danielle Matthews
LOVE this! It's a little time-consuming because the asparagus has to be cooked slow and turned...
Green Velvet Cake Recipe

Green Velvet Cake

By Melissa Williamson
I love velvet cakes. They are so delicious and moist. I can make them any kind...
Go Irish Brownies Recipe

Go Irish Brownies

By Kathie Carr
Good for St. Patrick's Day or anytime! A "watching Notre Dame Women's Basketball" party inspired this...
Norma's St. Patrick's Day Yogurt Bites Recipe

Norma's St. Patrick's Day Yogurt Bites

By Norma DeRemer
I received this recipe via e-mail and have made yogurt bites with strawberry yogurt and strawberry...
One Bowl Irish Mint Walnut Brownies Recipe

One Bowl Irish Mint Walnut Brownies

By Rose Mary Mogan
I am posting this recipe especially for Jenny. I recreated this recipe a few years...
Irish Cream Pistachio Parfait Recipe

Irish Cream Pistachio Parfait

By Shelia Senghas
Careful, after eating this delicious Irish Cream dessert you will be kissing the Blarney Stone for...
Pistachio Ambrosia Cupcakes Recipe

Pistachio Ambrosia Cupcakes

We love a fresh bowl of Ambrosia Fruit Salad at picnics during the summer months. ...