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Fourth of July Recipes

Enjoy these fun and festive recipes perfect for your Fourth of July cookouts!

Colorful Party Pasta Salad in a serving bowl.

Colorful Party Pasta Salad

Megan Todd avatar
By Megan Todd
This recipe is a family favorite that is requested for every bonfire, birthday party, holiday ...
(2 ratings)
Deli Mac Salad in a serving bowl.

Deli Mac Salad

Helene Mulvihill avatar
By Helene Mulvihill
This is a family recipe from my husband's family. They owned a deli in New ...
(21 ratings)
A platter of Cheddar Burger Appetizers.

Cheddar Burger Appetizers

Jennifer Bass avatar
By Jennifer Bass
I love to eat bite-sized food and often make what I call "snack-attizers" with a ...
(4 ratings)
Chocolate sauce and white chips on top of the White Chocolate Pie.

White Chocolate Pie

Betty Graves avatar
By Betty Graves
If you want a change from your usual Chocolate Pudding Pie made from Jell-O, this ...
(4 ratings)
Assembled Pulled Pork & Crispy Onion Ciabatta Sandwich.

Pulled Pork & Crispy Onion Ciabatta Sandwiches

Robynne Glenn avatar
By Robynne Glenn
Slow cooked BBQ pulled pork on a lightly toasted ciabatta roll with crispy onions will ...
(17 ratings)
The Best Glazed Fruit Salad ready to be served.

The Best Glazed Fruit Salad!

Megan Haskins avatar
By Megan Haskins
I found this recipe in a 1950s magazine. I tweaked it by adding orange marmalade, ...
(2 ratings)
Strawberry Cobbler ready to be served.

Strawberry Cobbler

Shery Adams avatar
By Shery Adams
I like to take a basic recipe and tweak it a bit. I live just ...
(2 ratings)
Steak Kabobs on a platter.

Steak Kabobs

Aurora McBee avatar
By Aurora McBee
This is a summer favorite of mine. I also frequently make these while we're camping.
(4 ratings)
Patriotic Gelatin Fruit Salad.

Patriotic Gelatin Fruit Salad

Fredda Rosenbaum avatar
By Fredda Rosenbaum
The combination of cherry pie filling and strawberry gelatin came about by accident. I ...
(1 rating)
Michigan Hot Dog Sauce on a hot dog.

Michigan Hot Dog Sauce

Jen Smallwood avatar
By Jen Smallwood
My Mother's recipe for a spicy, tangy sauce for hot dogs, french fries, or hamburgers.
(4 ratings)
Platter of 4th of July Strawberries.

4th Of July Strawberries

Neely Alexander avatar
By Neely Alexander
I saw something like this on the internet and decided to make my own. They ...
(2 ratings)
Patriotic Berry Trifle ready to be served.

Patriotic Berry Trifle

Macrayla Evans avatar
By Macrayla Evans
Just in time for the 4th of July!
(2 ratings)
Loaded Buffalo Chicken Baked Potato Salad in a bowl.

Loaded Buffalo Chicken Baked Potato Salad

Crystal Schlueter avatar
By Crystal Schlueter
This zesty potato salad is a combination of loaded baked potatoes and Buffalo chicken wings, ...
(2 ratings)
You Saucey Little Dog Sauce on a hot dog.

You Saucey Little Dog Sauce (hot Dog Sauce)

Dee Tourville avatar
By Dee Tourville
This is a spicy sauce I created. Not for the little ones or faint of ...
(2 ratings)
Sherry's Old-Fashioned Homemade Banana Pudding in a bowl.

Sherry's Old-fashioned Homemade Banana Pudding

Sherry Wilkins avatar
By Sherry Wilkins
If you don't care for the taste of boxed banana pudding then this recipe is ...
(6 ratings)
A baking dish of Spicy Apple Baked Beans.

Spicy Apple Baked Beans

Cindy Ferguson avatar
By Cindy Ferguson
One of my three teenage sons loves all things apple. He's not a big bean ...
(5 ratings)
A large bowl of Bruschetta Pasta Salad.

Bruschetta Pasta Salad

Mikekey * avatar
By Mikekey *
The flavors of bruschetta in a salad. Great for picnics or potlucks.
(4 ratings)
American Angel Food Parfait ready to serve.

American Angel Food Parfait

Christi Capps avatar
By Christi Capps
This is the perfect dessert for that Labor Day or July 4th picnic! It's also ...
(8 ratings)
A bowl of Jamie's Doggone Good Hot Dog Chili.

Jamie's Doggone Good Hot Dog Chili

Jamie Beecham avatar
By Jamie Beecham
This is a very different tasting chili I made for my grilled hot dogs. It ...
(4 ratings)
Hot Dog Onions on a hot dog with french fries.

Hot Dog Onions

Lillian Russo avatar
By Lillian Russo
I tried many different hot dog onion recipes. I mixed and matched them until I ...
(9 ratings)
Fourth of July Cheesecake decorated.

Fourth Of July Cheesecake

Faye Patterson avatar
By Faye Patterson
I make this EVERY year on the Fourth of July. My family looks forward to ...
(9 ratings)
All-American Chocolate Chip Cookies with a glass of milk.

All-american Chocolate Chip Cookies

I've been meaning to post these! My 4th of July fave.
(21 ratings)
Grilled Sesame Flank Steak on a cutting board.

Grilled Sesame Flank Steak

Scott Anderson avatar
By Scott Anderson
Flank steak is a delicious cut of beef and is often stuffed or rolled, yet ...
(8 ratings)
A slice of Blueberry Strawberry Buckle on a plate.

Blueberry Strawberry Buckle

Billy Haze avatar
By Billy Haze
A refreshing dessert for those summer barbecues.
(5 ratings)