Cookie Recipes

A platter of Stupid Cookies.

"Stupid Cookies"

This is a good name for these cookies, they are "addictive" and you start feeling ...

A platter of Meringue Cookies.

Meringue Cookies

Turn a basic meringue recipe into fun meringue cookies. Once baked, they're light as air. ...

Ganache Filled Coconut Macaroons on a cooling rack.

Ganache Filled Coconut Macaroons

I bake for a lot of people and when they try this cookie they all ...

A stack of Coconut Butterscotch Cookies.

Coconut Butterscotch Cookies

These are a favorite of my 5-year-old son. They make several dozen, and they normally ...

Crater Cookies are perfect for Halloween when we call them lost souls, and add candy eyes. 
They develop craters when the toffee melts and can also resemble the moon's surface.

Maureen's Crater Cookies

I developed this recipe because I had enjoyed a similar treat onboard a Viking cruise ...

Buttery cookies filled with grated chocolate and topped with a freckle.

Betty's "freckle" butter cookies

Fun, eye-catching and perfect for a party! Buttery cookies filled with grated chocolate and ...

Amaretto Dip with strawberries on a platter.

Amaretto Dip with Strawberries

This dip is delicious and actually low fat and quite light! It is wonderful ...

Platter of Almost Potbelly Oatmeal Cookies.

Almost Potbelly Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

If any of you have had a Potbelly cookie, you know why I am trying ...

A platter of Peaches & Cream Oatmeal Cookies.

Peaches & Cream Oatmeal Cookies

If you love peaches and cream you will love these cookies. They are always ...

A plate of Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies

I had one of these cookies at Paradise Bakery, and when I got home I ...

A plate of Key Lime Cookies.

Key Lime Cookies

These cookies are yummy! Not too tart, but just the right amount so you ...

Stack of Shortbread Cookies - Prize Winning.

Shortbread Cookies - Prize Winning

I loved Lorna Doones as a kid. They were pricey, so Mom didn't buy them ...

Mini Chip Snowball Cookies in a red holiday tree plate.

Mini Chip Snowball Cookies

These "snowball" cookies melt in your mouth and are a long time favorite at Christmas ...

Macarons with Peppermint French Buttercream


Macarons were already known in the medieval era and the Italian chef of Catherine de' ...

French buttercream

Macarons Fillings

This isn't one recipe, but several optional ones. My macarons recipe, to which all of the ...

I thought I'd share a photo of these Peanut Butter Blossom Cookies, which I baked and displayed on this table runner which a friend had made for me.

Peanut Butter Blossom Cookies

For years I've been making these delicious Chocolate Kiss Peanut Butter Cookies.

These petite size strawberry flavored cookies are absolutely delicious!

Strawberry Cake Mix Cookies

These little cookies are packed with lots of flavor. ...

Pepparkaka (Nordic gingerbread) dough

Pepparkaka (Nordic Gingerbread) Dough

This is the traditional Nordic gingerbread version known as pepparkaka or pepperkakor, meaning "pepper cake". ...

No Bake cookies with chocolate drizzle

No Bake Cornflake Cookies

These are so simple and taste delicious. You can use other cereals too.

lighter chocolate chip cookies

Lighter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Small batch recipe, making 1 1/2 dozen cookies. Adjust the butter and oils and ...

A plate of King David's Cookies.

King David's Cookies

I love baking for my family and friends. So on this particular day, I was ...

2 Ingredient Cookies

Vegan and Gluten Free

2 Ingredient Brownie Cookies

What to do with the leftover pumpkin puree.