#Ball Recipes

Holiday Cheese Ball Recipe

Holiday Cheese Ball

By Laura Pennington
This recipe comes from my husbands side of the family. I had to ask for the...
Chicken Ball Recipe

Chicken Ball

By Diane Pressel
Great appetizer! I am asked to bring this every time I am going to family and...
Basic Pressed & Ball Cookie Dough (1950) Recipe

Basic Pressed & Ball Cookie Dough (1950)

By Karla Everett
I Have a box full of recipe clipping that my Grandma Rose clipped from the news...
White Chocolate Cranberry Cheese Ball Recipe

White Chocolate Cranberry Cheese Ball

By Maggie May Schill
I made this epic cheese ball for a Thanksgiving gathering. My husband said it was weird...
Golden Oreo Cookie Balls Recipe

Golden Oreo Cookie Balls

By Jodie Kerns
These are sooo delicious! A melt in your mouth treat!!
Cheesy Beef Ball Recipe

Cheesy Beef Ball

By Kathy Green
I just threw this together. That's what I love about cooking... My imagination!
Cheese Ball Recipe

cheese ball

By Sharon Guzman
My husband insist I make several every Christmas. He loves them.
Easy Mini Goat Cheese Balls Recipe

Easy Mini Goat Cheese Balls

By Sherri Williams
If you are looking for a quick an easy recipe that will have everyone ooin' and...
Blue Cheese And Chive Cheese Ball Recipe

Blue Cheese and Chive Cheese Ball

By Okemah Barton
I couldn't find a simple, tasty cheese ball recipe using basic things in my kitchen. ...
Spicy Cream Cheese Ball Recipe

Spicy Cream Cheese Ball

By Jennifer Miller
So easy and so tasty. Make more than one because you won't be able to...
Garlic-bacon Cheese Log Recipe

Garlic-Bacon Cheese Log

By Amy Herald
I just kinda made this one up, but it sure is tasty and goes over well...
Mozzarella Stuffed Meat Balls Recipe

Mozzarella Stuffed Meat Balls

By Amy Herald
These are really easy to make and my family just loves them!
Beef & Cheese Ball Recipe

Beef & Cheese Ball

By Kathy Sterling
I have been making this delicious cheese ball for more than 40 years. It is...
Grandma's Ham & Cheese Ball Recipe

Grandma's Ham & Cheese Ball

By Val Al
This recipe has been a family favorite for years. We have it every Christmas/New Year's...
Meat Balls W/ Mushroom Gravy Recipe

Meat balls w/ mushroom gravy

By Mary Lee
These meat balls are made in a brown gravy
Cordi's Cheese Ball Recipe

Cordi's Cheese Ball

By Cordelia Stewart
This is another one of my 'wing it' recipes. I wanted to make a cheese...
Sesame Balls Recipe

Sesame Balls

By Nithiya Sabapathy
Another traditional Indian sweet delicacy. Easy and can be prepared within a few minutes. Enjoy!
Bacon Ranch Cheeseball Recipe

Bacon Ranch Cheeseball

By Amy Herald
This is my favorite cheese ball recipe!
~ Philly Cream Cheese & Bacon Ball ~ Recipe

~ Philly Cream Cheese & Bacon Ball ~

By Cassie *
Delicious! Serve at your next party...so yummy!
~ Glorious Old English Bacon Spread ~ Recipe

~ Glorious Old English Bacon Spread ~

By Cassie *
Another wonderful spread for upcoming dinners and parties. Enjoy!