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Maple Walnut Bread For Bread Machine

Maple Walnut Bread for Bread Machine

By Pat Duran
Recipe from a friend on the internet. She lives in Vermont.She makes this every year...
Italian Bread

Italian Bread for the Bread Machine

By Zelda Hopkins
This recipe was given to me by one of my sister's. This makes excellent toast and...
Oat Nut Bread

Oat Nut Bread for Bread Maker

By Zelda Hopkins
This recipe comes from one of my sister's. She says its a very delicious Bread. I...
Sweet Rolls Made On 9 X 13 Sheet.

Bread Machine Sweet Rolls

By Dana Beavers
These are the rolls my Mom ate the whole time she was pregnant with my brother....
This Is Not My Loaf. My Express Loaves Tend To Be Dark On The Sides And Blond On Top. If Your Machine Does This And It Bothers You, You Can Line The Lid With Foil, Shiny Side Toward Loaf. Just Be Sure It Doesn't Block Vent Or Stop Lid From Fully Closing.

Bread Machine 60 Minute White Bread

By Maureen Martin
I don't remember which of my dozen or so bread machine cookbooks I gleaned this from....
Classic White Bread (sallye)


By sallye bates
This is a wonderful recipe for bread machines. I have used this recipe ever since I...
The Jar Is 320 G. After Filling The Jar I Always Have Enough Left For Us To Eat Some While It's Warm With Bread Or Yoghurt.

Honest Jam frozen or fresh fruit in bread machine

By Caroline Mgawe
I wanted just one jar of jam without chemicals and tons of sugar, just jam from...
Split Them For Brats Or Slice Them For Hoagies. Either Way, They Are Delicious!

Whole Wheat Buns for Hotdogs and Brats

By Tess Geer
My thanks to for this recipe. I made a few changes to suit my own...
Cinnamon Raisin Bread For Bread Machine

Cinnamon Raisin Bread for bread machine

By Elizabeth Lancaster
I love my new bread machine my hubby got me for my birthday! I have saved...
Great Grandma Amy's Swedish Rye Bread

Great Grandma Amy's Swedish Rye Bread

By Elizabeth Lancaster
This recipe was given to my Grandmother when she was first married to my grandfather, but...
Soft, Tasty Bread. Healthy And Delicious. When Warm Try With Jam (see My Recipe For Honest Jam). When Cold Try With Cheese Or Peanut Butter Or Nutella. Such Comfort Food.

Wholewheat seed bread in machine delicious healthy

By Caroline Mgawe
This is my tried and tested recipe for bread. I live up the mountain so I...
Oatmeal Bread (sallye)


By sallye bates
Step right up, folks. Get your flavor filled oatmeal bread here. You don't even have...
Baked In The Bread Machine.

Doug's Honey Nut Oatmeal Bread - Breadmachine

By Elaine Douglas
This is an automatic bread maker recipe. The bread is my son's favourite. It is great for...
Carrot-poppy Seed Bread (sallye)


By sallye bates
This is a heart healthy fat burning bread that is relatively low in calories. Bonus:...
Lisa's Home Made Pizza Dough

Lisa's Home Made Pizza Dough

By Lisa Walker
I have been using this recipe for YEARS, this is my own that I perfected and...
Honey Mustard Dressing

Honey Mustard Dressing

By Karl Strasser
This is so refreshing. Kids love this with there chicken tenders. I enjoy it with stone...
Tropical Surprise Bread In Machine(sallye)


By sallye bates
This is a nice sweet bread to serve for a Sunday morning brunch.
The Batch Of Rolls I Made For Easter This Year

Buttery Bread Machine Rolls

By Regina Tolentino
These rolls are so simple and quite tasty! After letting the rolls rise, they will...
Italian Holiday Bread (sallye)


By sallye bates
This is a traditional North Italian bread that is served during the holidays. If...
Lisa’s Homemade Cinnamon Buns

Lisa’s Homemade Cinnamon Buns

By Lisa Walker
I have been making these for years :) They are the best cinnamon bun I have...
Pepperoni Pizza Bread For Bread Machine

Pepperoni Pizza Bread for Bread Machine

By Darlene Huddleston
Spread Butter or Garlic Butter on slices for a great snack. This is a family favorite!
Chocolate Quick Bread For Bread Maker

Chocolate Quick Bread for bread maker

By Nor Mac
This is an easy quick bread for your bread maker machine. Just set it and forget...

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