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2012 Member's Choice Recipes

Recipes for 2012 Member's Choice Cookbook.

Cheesy Mashed Potato Bake ready to be served.

Cheesy Mashed Potato Bake

Ellen Curry avatar
By Ellen Curry
I did this instead of making individual potato cakes and frying them. Trying to get ...
(20 ratings)
Zucchini Pineapple Walnut Bread sliced and on a plate.

Zucchini Pineapple Walnut Bread

Kathy Hunter avatar
By Kathy Hunter
From the garden, this bread is so delicious and moist that you can eat it ...
(29 ratings)
Showing the layers of the Oatmeal Cake.

Oatmeal Cake

Jolayne Cooper avatar
By Jolayne Cooper
This is one of my favorite cakes from when I was little. In fact, I ...
(128 ratings)
Removing a slice of the Cheeseburger Casserole.

"cheeseburger" Casserole

Jenny Pennington avatar
By Jenny Pennington
I make this quite often at my house, and it's always a BIG hit! There ...
(67 ratings)
This is the cake, fresh out of the oven.  It looks and smells divine, but I can't get into it until tomorrow afternoon, so into the fridge it goes.  This is truly one of the easiest cakes to make that doesn't rely on a mix!  Kudos!

Granny Cake

Stephanie Dodd avatar
By Stephanie Dodd
My mother has been making this cake for 30 years. It takes minimal time ...
(167 ratings)
Grandma's Apple Strudel iced and ready to be sliced.

My Grandma's Apple Strudel

Heidi Edwards avatar
By Heidi Edwards
My family has made this for a while and I love it. I lost the ...
(77 ratings)
Bust Your Buttons Cake with butter glaze poured over the top.

Bust Your Buttons Butter Cake

Angela Gray avatar
By Angela Gray
I named it that because one bite of this cake and you can't stop eating ...
(141 ratings)
Uncle Wiley's Chicken Salad was pinched from <a" class="w-100 rounded-top border-bottom fade-img rcp" />

Uncle Wiley's Chicken Salad

Debbie Burbank avatar
By Debbie Burbank
My Uncle Wiley lives in Winter Haven Florida. We try to visit him a couple ...
(39 ratings)
Cornbread Dressing baked until edges golden brown.

Cornbread Dressing

Teresa Howell avatar
By Teresa Howell
This is a easy cornbread dressing recipe and it is very moist.
(12 ratings)
Blueberry Cobbler with topping baked to a golden brown.

Blueberry Cobbler

Twana Kelley avatar
By Twana Kelley
This was the first dessert I made for my husband when we started dating. He ...
(8 ratings)

French Onion Mac And Cheese!!

Samantha Jacobs avatar
By Samantha Jacobs
Sometimes you just need something super decadent =) Yummm!
(3 ratings)

Diana's Chicky Chicken Drums

Leila Rockwell avatar
By Leila Rockwell
My Daughter has made these several times and I finally got her recipe so want ...
(11 ratings)

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake

Virginia Lopez avatar
By Virginia Lopez
Cake covered in chocolate, peanut butter glaze. In my family, I have grandchildren who love ...
(40 ratings)

Eggplant Pie With Italian Sausage & Bechamel Sauce

Mary R Morris avatar
By Mary R Morris
My Grannie always grew eggplant and we loved it any way she fixed it. ...
(26 ratings)

Spicy Pineapple Pork Ribs

Patricia Jutting avatar
By Patricia Jutting
When I was about 8 years old my mom got this recipe from a neighbor ...
(16 ratings)
Czech Kolache made for Tabor, SD annual Czech Days celebration every June

Kolache - Czech Pastry

Sheila Kremer avatar
By Sheila Kremer
These are the pastries that are made by the hundreds for the annual Tabor Czech ...
(5 ratings)
Tasty, super healthy, low in calories and will fill you up.

Healthy Ginger-cumin Cauliflower

Marti Green avatar
By Marti Green
Losing 80lbs, keeping it off and never leaving the table hungry. This is another ...
(8 ratings)
I wish you could taste this awesome seafood dish that I am placing on the table tonight!!!!!

Big Bill's "king Neptune's Delight" Seafood Potpie

Bill Wentz avatar
By Bill Wentz
Unbelievable mixture of jumbo lump crab, scallops and jumbo shrimp in a delicious cream sauce ...
(18 ratings)

Old Fashioned Potato Candy

Patty Ward avatar
By Patty Ward
This is a recipe from my past. My best friend in middle school hailed from ...
(4 ratings)
Couldn't wait...just had to 'cut an taste'.
This is one of the BEST coconut pies I've ever made.
(Cin's photo)

Coconut Macaroon Pie

Gail Welch avatar
By Gail Welch
I love coconut pie. This is one of the best and easiest to make.
(5 ratings)

The Pink Slice

Myra Wynne avatar
By Myra Wynne
A family "staple" at every gathering. My mother's famous (or infamous?) marshmallow peanut butter squares. ...
(11 ratings)
Grandma Rose's split pea soup with beef flanken (short ribs)

Grandma Rose's Split Pea Soup With Beef Flanken

Erika Kerekes avatar
By Erika Kerekes
My grandmother made huge batches of this soup and doled it out to her kids ...
(16 ratings)
Rich and chocolatey, crunchy and creamy would like to say you can't eat just one but I think you should only eat one.

Dee's Chocolate Taco

Dee O avatar
By Dee O
I came up with this recipe 21yrs ago, a few yrs before my daughter went ...
(23 ratings)

Aunt Fely's Fruit Tea

Amanda Brecht avatar
By Amanda Brecht
This is my Aunt Felyscia's fabulous fruit tea recipe that has become one of my ...
(19 ratings)