Rice Side Recipes

Bj's Rice-a-roni Recipe

BJ's Rice-A-Roni

By susan simons
This is a side dish my husband came up with and serves frequently when he makes...

Carrot Rice Recipe

Carrot Rice

By Lynn Socko
Buy using only half of the seasoning packet, eliminating the butter, and adding fresh carrots &...

Pink Rice Recipe

Pink Rice

By Kari Kelley
This is a simple spanish like rice dish that my son named when he was little,it...

Rima's Grilled Lamb Chops With Rose Jam, Mint Pesto And Pearl Couscous Recipe

Rima's Grilled Lamb Chops with Rose Jam, Mint Pesto and Pearl...

By malinda sargent
The source of this recipe is http://laurasbestrecipes.com/2009/10/rimas-grilled-lamb-chops-with-rose-jam-mint-pesto-and-pearl-couscous.html

Korean Sticky Rice Recipe

Korean Sticky Rice

By Kathy Joppie
This is an authentic recipe from a friend who was born in Korea and graciously shared...

Simple Spanish Rice Recipe

Simple Spanish Rice

By Sheree Beaty
Simple simple.....you can add whatever you like but for a simple spanish rice this is good...when...