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Best Darn Chicken Tenders Recipe

Best Darn Chicken Tenders

By Cassie *

Love these tenders...I've made many tender recipes, but this is my favorite...flavorful, tender and crunchy...these would...

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Scrumptious Grilled Honey / Mustard Pork Loin Recipe

Scrumptious Grilled Honey / Mustard Pork Loin

By Cassie *

This was one delicious pork loin...loved the marinade, such a wonderful flavor ...would be just as...

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Salmon & Mustard Dill Sauce Recipe

Salmon & Mustard Dill Sauce

By Cassie *

I made this recipe years ago, and remember really enjoying the dill sauce. Will add...

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Garlic Shrimp Recipe

Garlic Shrimp

By Vickie Parks

I found this recipe on Seattle's Pike Place Market website. It's primarily listed as an appetizer,...

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