Fish Recipes

Whether salmon, tuna, crab or cod, these easy fish recipes will be a delicious addition to your menu.


Pan-seared King Prawns Recipe

Pan-Seared King Prawns

By Russ Myers
Spring green onions and ginger are classic accompaniments to fish and shellfish dishes in Cantonese cuisine....

Japanese Escabeche Recipe

Japanese Escabeche

By Hidemi Walsh
I sometimes miss my country's food. This is one of them. This is very delicious which...

P-jang Tuna Cutlet Rice Bowl Recipe

P-Jang Tuna Cutlet Rice Bowl

By Hidemi Walsh
Myy signature sauce, P-Jang sauce is good for anything. I made tuna cutlet which is my...

Alaska Black Cod Marinated With Honey Recipe

Alaska Black Cod Marinated with Honey

By Russ Myers
Alaska's pristine waters are a gold mine for seafood. Red king crab is rightfully world-famous. And...