Pie Recipes

Fool Proof Pie Crust Recipe

Fool Proof Pie Crust

Sue Smith
By Sue Smith

My favorite pie crust! Makes 2 (9 inch) and 1 shell. If you're nervous about making...

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Skillet Pecan Pie Recipe

Skillet Pecan Pie

Ami Baggett
By Ami Baggett

This was in Southern Living, got the recipe at a family gathering because it was so...

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Mama's coconut pies Recipe

Mama's coconut pies

Norma Cotter
By Norma Cotter

my mother used to make these at Christmas and on special occasions. these are the...

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Kahlua (Chocolate) Pecan Pie Recipe

Kahlua (Chocolate) Pecan Pie

STeller Kitchen
By STeller Kitchen

Another of my personal favorites my family always asks me to make. You can add semi-sweet chocolate...

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Apple Pie Cookies w/Brown Butter Icing Recipe

Apple Pie Cookies w/Brown Butter Icing

Tonya McMullen
By Tonya McMullen

Everybody loves these cookies! They are a little time consuming and a bit more difficult than...

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Pineapple Blueberry Chess Pie Recipe

Pineapple Blueberry Chess Pie

Bobbie Weiner
By Bobbie Weiner

I was looking for something tangy, and I have always loved the texture and simplicity of...

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Millionaire Pie Recipe

Millionaire Pie

Cheryl Kopcak
By Cheryl Kopcak

Easy to prepare and fun...both to make, and eat. This pie got its name because...

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Oreo Cookie Cream Cheese Pie Recipe

Oreo Cookie Cream Cheese Pie

Bernice Mosteller
By Bernice Mosteller

Really simple & very delicious. I just looked at other recipes, & took ingredients from several...

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Easy Triple Berry Pie Recipe

Easy Triple Berry Pie

Deneece Gursky
By Deneece Gursky

I made this pie for Easter this year! We had a cookout instead of the traditional...

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Dutch Apple Pie Recipe

Dutch Apple Pie

Rainn Thomas
By Rainn Thomas

I have been making this pie for a long time and everyone raves about the crust...

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Ellen Bales
By Ellen Bales

This is such an easy-to-make pie. The only real work is in coring and slicing the...

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