Candy Recipes

Caramel Pop-corn Balls! Recipe

Caramel Pop-corn Balls!

By Ashley Hicks

After trying several recipes I just couldnt find the kind of pop-corn ball that I was...

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Brownie Surprise Recipe

Brownie Surprise

By Catherine Badowski

This is an easy idea to sweeten up homemade or box brownies. You can use any...

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Cookie Challenge: Pecan Bars with Cherries Recipe

Cookie Challenge: Pecan Bars with Cherries

By Stacia Osborn

What's a challenge cookie you ask? I will baking and delivering to you, a new, unboring,...

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Haystacks Recipe


By Laurie Sanders

If you like coconut and you like caramel, you'll be in love with these candies.

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Fantasy Fudge Recipe

Fantasy Fudge

By Laurie Sanders

This fudge turns out right every single time. My aunt gave my mom this recipe. Supposedly...

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