Tastes of the World

Put away your passport and forget about plane tickets. These recipes from around the world will send you on a culinary adventure from your own kitchen.

Yang Chow Fried Rice on a plate.

Yang Chow Fried Rice

My family would call me an expert when it comes to fried rice. I seemingly ...

A small bowl of Polish Vegetable Salad.

Polish Vegetable Salad

This authentic Polish salad is known all over Poland as a staple dish in every ...

A bowl of Pico de Gallo.

Pico de Gallo

Pico de Gallo translates to Roosters Beak. This is a great Pico de Gallo recipe ...

A plate of Lime Shrimp Quesadillas With Adobo Guacamole.

Lime Shrimp Quesadillas With Adobo Guacamole

This is the basic recipe, but please add whatever kinds of veggies, meats & cheeses ...

A bowl of Traditional Dublin Coddle.

Traditional Dublin Coddle

This super-economical dish has been a popular staple in Irish cuisine, not only in Dublin ...

Two slices of Pannaukkau (Finnish or Swedish Pancake) with fruit and whipped cream.

Pannaukkau (Finnish or Swedish Pancake)

I was first introduced to this yummy recipe when I started going out with my ...

A loaf of Dan's Favorite Irish Soda Bread.

Dan's Favorite Irish Soda Bread

This is the Irish soda bread that my husband Dan loves throughout the year. I ...

Inside of the Southwest egg rolls.

Southwestern Egg Rolls

This recipe is a very tasty and different spin to egg rolls. My family is ...

Greek Yogurt Dip Tzatziki with pita chips.

Greek Cucumber Yogurt Dip "Tzatziki"

Cool and creamy, this tangy cucumber dip flavored with garlic is the perfect complement to ...

A bowl of Spicy Gazpacho topped with avocado, tomatoes, and green onions.

Spicy Gazpacho

Lately, it seems as though more nutritionists have been touting the healing and health benefits ...

A bowl of Take-Out Orange Chicken.

Take-Out Orange Chicken

I love this stuff! I will eat the leftovers cold over salad greens if ...

Panang Curry over rice.

Panang Curry

I love Thai food and Panang curry is one of my favorites. That is why ...

Slice of Tiramisu on a plate.


This is an easy no bake, no egg, tiramisu that is absolutely fabulous!

Watermelon Granita in a glass.

Ciao Bella Watermelon Granita

So refreshing for the summer! My mom makes lemon and coffee granita too. I have to ...

A plate of Mom's Swedish Meatballs.

Mom's Swedish Meatballs

This recipe calls for consomme which has a stronger flavor than regular beef broth. If ...

Irish Boxty (Crispy Fried Potato Cakes) on a plate.

Irish Boxty (Crispy Fried Potato Cakes)

From my (South Side Chicago) Irish friend, Coleen. I received most of her recipes in ...

A dish of Kielbasa Lazy Pierogi.

Kielbasa Lazy Pierogi

I’m sure a lot of you have had lazy pierogi. This is more of a ...

Italian Easter Pie (Pizza Chena) ready to be sliced.

Italian Easter Pie (Pizza Chena)

Pizza Chena (made with Italian meats, cheeses, and eggs) is a staple on every Italian ...

Two Authentic Beignets on a plate with coffee.

Authentic Beignets

Grew up eating these all the time. Nothing in the world like them. One order ...

Slice of Irish Banoffee Pie on a plate.

Irish Banoffee Pie - Caramel and Banana Pie

This is a traditional popular pie in Ireland and England. The pie is full of ...

Kroketten (Dutch Croquettes) on a platter with dipping sauce.

Kroketten (Dutch Croquettes)

These were one of my favorite treats in Holland and they have vending machines in ...

A bowl of Kickin' Guacamole.

Kickin' Guacamole, YUMMY!

This is the best guacamole I have ever tried. If you like your guacamole with ...

Sopaipillas on a plate drizzled with honey.

Sopaipillas (Mexican Dessert)

Tender warm pillows of fried dough, sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and drizzled with honey.

Betty's Thai Basil Stir-Fry Chicken in a bowl.

Betty's Thai Basil Stir-Fry Chicken

I love Thai basil, it has an amazing flavour. This dish comes with a fragrant ...