#lettuce Recipes

A bowl of Mandarin Salad.

Mandarin Salad

This is one of my favorite salads. It is refreshingly different than your typical salad.

Grilled Chicken Salad, Restaurant Style ready to be served.

Grilled Chicken Salad, Restaurant Style

I used to make this in 2 different steakhouse-type restaurants I cooked in. It started ...

Spiced Lamb Pitas with Yogurt Sauce

Ground lamb was on sale at ALDI. I bougth some and wanted to make something ...

Easy, Tasty Tostadas

It's easy peasy and yum!!! (Pictured with pulled pork)

Grilled Honey-Mustard Chicken Sandwiches

This is a nice, healthy way to eat chicken breast. It's pretty tasty too! I ...

Chicken Tacos

Fun taco fact: October 4th Is National Taco Day In the United States.

Cajun Chicken BLT on a plate with french fries.

Cajun Chicken BLT, Millie's

The Cajun spiced chicken and the horseradish mustard aioli give this sandwich a spicy kick ...

Italian Party Sub

Fun Fact: According to Google, Americans eat more than 300 million sandwiches every day – ...

So yummy

Dressing Essentials: Piquant Lemon Vinaigrette

This is one of my favorite Spring/Summer dressings. And, although we are currently in the ...

Asian Style Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Fun Fact: The ancient Egyptians were the first to cultivate lettuce.

Deluxe Burrito by Maggie

We love burritos and these are a combo of some of our favorite things all ...

Cool and Crisp Chef Salad

I love a fresh chef's salad for dinner on a hot evening. It's a perfect ...

Chicken BLT Sandwich

These chicken sandwiches are delicious... and BACON!!!

Caesar Salad

Caesar is my favorite salad! So good!

Shrimp Paninis with Pesto Mayo

This is one of my most favorite sandwiches! I just sounded good together and oh ...

Spring Salad With Fruit, Feta, and Pecans

Sometimes I just want a light and delicious salad with fruit and mixed greens. ...

Awesome Maple-Balsamic Blue Cheese Pear Salad

This is an AWESOME, fabulous salad! The dressing is made with real maple syrup, ...

Roasted Pear & Apple Salad with Cider Vinaigrette

Baby greens, Roasted Apples,and Pears, celery, cranberties, toasted Walnuts, Pecans and Gorgonzola Cheese. Dressed ...

The Incredible, Edible Amish Haystack Dinner

I just returned from a trip to an Amish community where this incredible dish was ...