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Veggie Lasagna ready to be served.

Veggie Lasagna

Stephanie Vandenburg avatar
By Stephanie Vandenburg
We love vegetables in this family, but one vegetable doesn't make the cut - onions. ...
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A slice of Meatball Lasagna on a plate.

Meatball Lasagna

Jane Whittaker avatar
By Jane Whittaker
Everyone here has a lasagna recipe, and I can tell you just by looking at ...
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A slice of My Famous Lasagna on a plate with garlic bread.

My Famous Lasagna

Jannette Dellanos-poland avatar
By Jannette Dellanos-poland
I call this my "famous" lasagna because every time I make it, it becomes someone's ...
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Homemade Italian Sausage In 10 Minutes

Family Favorites avatar
By Family Favorites
I always keep several packages of ground pork and ground chicken in my freezer. Then, ...
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Photo of the baked Lasagna in a 13

Cindi's Lasagna

Cindi Marie Bauer avatar
By Cindi Marie Bauer
This Lasagna is made with 3 cheeses, Kraft Singles American Cheese Slices, shredded mozzarella, and ...
Tasty Keto Lasagna baked until golden brown.

Tasty Keto Lasagna

Deni Elwood avatar
By Deni Elwood
Best lasagna I've had since going Keto!! So good y family asks for it all ...
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A slice of My Favorite Lasagna on a plate.

My Favorite Lasagna

Jess Weible avatar
By Jess Weible
I love this lasagna. So yummy, the flavor literally explodes in your mouth!
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Three Cheese Baked Spaghettios

Amy H. avatar
By Amy H.
Fun Fact: The original Spaghetti-O's hit the store shelves in the year 1965 and were ...
Breakfast Lasagna ready to be served.

Breakfast Lasagna

Lynn Zak avatar
By Lynn Zak
This was such a huge hit that now I have to make it every time ...
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I have been making lasagna for decades and over time came up with this family favorite. This is a quick and easy family lasagna that is sure to please even the fussiest eaters.


Katrina Freed avatar
By Katrina Freed
I have been making lasagna for decades and in doing so discovered the easiest, fastest, ...
Slice of Mexican Lasagna on a plate.

Mexican Lasagna

Dianna Champlain avatar
By Dianna Champlain
Just made this up last night. Everyone really enjoyed it. I did the no-boil version. ...
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Slice of lasagna on a plate.

Simple Lasagna

Kitchen Crew avatar
By Kitchen Crew
Store-bought sauce and a box of pasta, help this lasagna recipe come together in a ...
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Lasagna Like No Other ready to be sliced.

Lasagna Like No Other!

Stacey Lawson avatar
By Stacey Lawson
I love pasta and lasagna and I have tried many, many ways to do lasagna ...
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Finished zucchini lasagna (with one piece remove because I couldn't wait!).

Zucchini Lasagna

Tiffany Pennington avatar
By Tiffany Pennington
The original goal of this recipe was to reduce the carb density by swapping out ...
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Crock Pot Lasagna is an easy family friendly meaty cheesy lasagna cooked right in your slow cooker.  No need to boil the lasagna noodles as this cooks up just perfect using uncooked lasagna noodles.

Crock Pot Lasagna

Beth Pierce avatar
By Beth Pierce
Crock Pot Lasagna is one of my family’s favorite meals. Layering the lasagna in ...
1 serving of lasagna

Lasagna With Egg Plant Noodles

Mary Gelfond avatar
By Mary Gelfond
My family really likes this recipe, and they don't miss the noodles. It works ...
These Three Cheese Lasagna Roll Ups are a super easy family friendly that can be prepped and in the oven in about twenty minutes.

Three Cheese Lasagna Roll Ups With Sausage

Beth Pierce avatar
By Beth Pierce
School starts this week and things are going to get very busy very quickly. ...
A slice of lasagna on a plate.

My Lasagna Recipe

Lea Ann avatar
By Lea Ann
This is far from being a secret recipe or original. It's just quick and delicious.
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Country Boy Lasagna

Gina Davis avatar
By Gina Davis
Comfort Food with Comfort Food! Ok what could be better then that? I had some ...
This picture is when partially reheated the day sfter.

Gluten Free Lasagna

Linda Kauppinen avatar
By Linda Kauppinen
My sister HAS to eat gluten free and this has me trying to create recipes ...
So yummy

South-of-the-border Essentials: Enchilada Stacker

Andy Anderson ! avatar
By Andy Anderson !
I put this together just to have some fun, and it came out quite tasty. ...
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Seafood Lasagna Roll-ups

Amy H. avatar
By Amy H.
This can also be made with finely diced, cooked chicken or turkey for folks who ...
A dish of chorizagna hot out of the oven.

Chorizagna - My Mexican Chorizo Lasagna

Stephanie Beacham avatar
By Stephanie Beacham
If you like guacamole dollop a little bit on top before eating or some fresh ...
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Sydney's Crockpot Lasagna

Sydney's Crockpot Lasagna

Sydney B avatar
By Sydney B
Our most favorite, easy, yet great for picky kids lasagna. Deliciously tender noodles and meat, ...