Jalapeno Dip in a bowl with pretzels.

Jalapeno Dip

So so so good.

A slice of Stuffed Cornbread on a plate.

Stuffed Cornbread

My family has enjoyed this recipe for years. I usually put the jalapeno slices only ...

A bowl of Pico de Gallo.

Pico de Gallo

Pico de Gallo translates to Roosters Beak. This is a great Pico de Gallo recipe ...

Jalapeno and Cheddar Biscuit with butter and honey.

Jalapeno and Cheddar Biscuits (not your grandmother's biscuits)

I got creative in the kitchen today and whipped up these awesome homemade biscuits. Please ...

Pico De Gallo

Perfect for chips or tacos!

A bowl of Shawn's Salsa Fresca.

Shawn's Salsa Fresca

This is sooooo good! Best if refrigerated for at least an hour so the flavors ...

Jalapeno Chicken Casserole ready to be served.

Jalapeno Chicken Casserole

Someone gave me this recipe 13 years ago when I first got married. It's a ...

Inside of the Hickory Smoked Jalapeno Poppers.

Hickory Smoked Jalapeno Poppers

Once you smoke a jalapeno popper, you will never grill one again. The flavor is ...

A platter of Rattlesnake Eggs with ranch dressing for dipping.

Rattlesnake Eggs

These are like poppers if you have never had them and if you have had ...

3 corn fritters on plate with jalapeno.


My husband calls these golden crispy fritters "ultra corn fritters." They're loaded with cheese, bacon, ...

Shrimp and corn salsa in a bowl.


This recipe evolved from my basic corn and tomato salsa recipe. I added shrimp and ...

Bowl of corn and tomato salsa with tomato, jalapenos and spoon.


This tangy homemade salsa, made with fresh from the garden vegetables, is so delicious, and ...

Mexican Cole Slaw

It's healthy and tasty! I always worry about their not being any green vegetables on ...

A bowl of Chunky Guacamole With Cumin.

Chunky Guacamole With Cumin (Guacamole con Cumino)

This guacamole has a subtle tartness, balanced heat, and a creamy and chunky texture. Served ...

Roasted Pepper Salsa

My son's girlfriend was allergic to tomatoes so she made a red pepper salsa and ...

A baking dish filled with Jalapeno Popper Stuffed Chicken Breast.

Jalapeno Popper Stuffed Chicken Breast

This is one of my family's favorite dinner dishes.

A platter of Jalapeno Deviled Eggs.

Jalapeno Deviled Eggs

These Jalapeño Deviled Eggs are so creamy and absolutely delicious! Super simple to make. In under twenty ...

A bowl of Strawberry Salsa.

Strawberry Salsa

This was part of an entry I submitted for the South Carolina Strawberry Festival recipe ...

A plate of Jalapeno Bacon Wonton Poppers.

Jalapeno Bacon Wonton Poppers

Made these for staff meeting and they were an instant favorite. Quite spicy and ...

A plate full of Mozzarella Jalapeno Popper Biscuits.

Mozzarella Jalapeno Popper Biscuits

I had a recipe for something similar to this. I didn't have all the stuff ...

Bacon Buffalo Cream Cheese Jalapenos on a plate.

Bacon Buffalo Cream Cheese Jalapenos

These are so good! Creamy with a kick!

Mexican quinoa. Yumm

Mexican quinoa

Filling tasty Mexican quinoa. If you've wanted to try or have tried quinoa and thought ...

Mango jalapeño meatbals

Mango Jalapeño Meatballs

This meatballs are so good, juicy, sweet and savory flavor. Good for snack or ...

Smoky Jalapeno Bacon Cheeseburger on a ciabatta roll.

Smoky Jalapeno Bacon Cheeseburgers

Need a little spice in your life? Try these. Perfect amount of heat and smokiness. ...