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Dark Chocolate Truffle Cookies on a plate with a glass of milk.

Dark Chocolate Truffle Cookies

Donna Stadter avatar
By Donna Stadter
If you love dark chocolate, this is the recipe for you.
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Citrus pound cake with an orange glaze drizzling down the cake.

Citrus Pound Cake With Orange Glaze

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By Donna Thiemann
This recipe dates back many many years and is now a family heirloom recipe. I ...
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Grandme's Sweet Dreamy Bars cut into squares.

Grandme's Sweet Dreamy Bars

Maria Maxey avatar
By Maria Maxey
As I try to remember to teach my grandbabies more recipes, one wants to learn ...
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This is a moist, delicious cake that's easy to make.

Pina Colada Cake W/cutie Glaze

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By Anne Odom
I was looking for a recipe for a cake using vegetable oil today because I ...
Ultimate Party Meatballs

Ultimate Party Meatballs (ocean Spray Twist)

Deena Dooley avatar
By Deena Dooley
I prepare these in a crockpot. I have served these twice: work party and ...
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Peanut Butter Cookies

Phyllis Burroughs avatar
By Phyllis Burroughs
My daughter and I love to make these cookies. They are a great favorite at ...
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Any fruit topping of your choice will work for this, as will chocolate

No-bake Blintz Cake

Victoria Stephans avatar
By Victoria Stephans
Back in the 80's I had a crepe maker. Now, for many reasons, I ...
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this is four bean neck bone soup. made a 8qt pot of this soup and i fed my family of five. um lets say they ate like a family of 10

Flame's Four Bean Neck Bone Soup

Michelle 'FLAME' Kelley avatar
By Michelle 'FLAME' Kelley
ok I threw this together in a jiffy. it was real easy to do and ...
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Nancy J. Patrykus avatar
By Nancy J. Patrykus
I compiled a few good tips and info for broccoli. Maybe you will find a ...
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Nice and crunchy Pickles

Refrigerator Pickles My Way

Leila Rockwell avatar
By Leila Rockwell
This is an old recipe from the newspaper many years ago, and has become on ...
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The Best Fruit Salad In MY Opinion

The Best Fruit Salad In My Opinion!

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By Cora Warner
I pinch this off Facebook under Prego & Mommy Chat's photo. I love it when ...
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Great Northern Beans W/smoked Turkey

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By Monika Rosales
Great comfort bean soup on a cold night.
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Italian Sausage and Brussels Sprouts One skillet dinner

Italian Sausage And Brussel Sprouts Dinner

Morgan Lewis avatar
By Morgan Lewis
This recipe is of my own creation of foods I love. Everyone who tries it ...
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Truckers Cal-zone(kitchen Sink Style)

Michelle 'FLAME' Kelley avatar
By Michelle 'FLAME' Kelley
Okay,i use a toaster oven for the oven on this one but you can use ...
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Smoked pork shoulder using charcoal and pecan wood in a bullet smoker.  While it looks black.  It is incredibly moist and tender!

Smoked Pulled Pork

Yvonne Lopez avatar
By Yvonne Lopez
I use a bullet smoker. I start with charcoal and when charcoals are gray, ...
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this is the second attempt on the burger in two days. i have found that the egg must be cooked  almost completely in order not to make a real mess. but if you like your yokes runny this will work too. lol enjoy. Lord knows i did.

Mama's Wake Up Burger

Michelle 'FLAME' Kelley avatar
By Michelle 'FLAME' Kelley
ok this burger is awesome and with the help of denny's build your own burger ...
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Blazzing Buffalo Bluuecheese Chicken Grilled Potatoes with celery sticksGreat tailgate appetizer or side with burgers or brats!

Grilled Blazzing Buffalo Bluecheese Potatoes

Barbara Mayo avatar
By Barbara Mayo
Great side with burgers,hot dogs and brats! Grest take along side dish for any potluck ...
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Great Pumpkin Desert

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By Joyce Deshong
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Creamy Corn

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By Joyce Deshong
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Fruit Salad

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By Taddy Grech
Please don't cut yourself because knife needed
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Perfect size to just Pop one in your mouth...

Easy Phyllo Pastry Tarts With Hot Pepper Jelly

Trudy Glackin avatar
By Trudy Glackin
A more festive way of serving Cream Cheese with Pepper Jelly poured over it for ...
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Mouth watering,bacon wrapped food of the Gods!

Charlie's Stuffed Jalepenos

Charles Beaver avatar
By Charles Beaver
I love these have to make at least 20 at a time and for the ...
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Spicy Parmesan Wings

Theresa Vieira avatar
By Theresa Vieira
My husband and kids really love wings so I decided to try something different, and ...
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Patterson's Chichen & Pepperoni Pizzas

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By Pamela Patterson
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