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cranberry punch with cranberry garnish
(this is not my Pic)

Margarita Cranberry- Lime Punch

Maria Maxey avatar
By Maria Maxey
Great punch for the holidays,or even any special day .
(2 ratings)
These had powdered sugar rolled on them

Macadamia Coconut Portuguese Tea Cookies.

Maria Maxey avatar
By Maria Maxey
A Friend shared this recipe as she knows that we get together its all nutty.SO ...
(2 ratings)

Miniature Fruitcake Cupcakes

Dot Shirley avatar
By Dot Shirley
I've had this recipe so long I can't remember where it came from or even ...
(5 ratings)
Great for Holidays, Sunday Suppers or anytime!!
Melts in your mouth with delicious flavors and fills your kitchen with wonderful aromatic sweet smells while it's baking :-)

Frosted Peach Potato Harvest Bread

Brenda Watts avatar
By Brenda Watts
My family and I feel blessed to live in a sweet community that is known ...
(2 ratings)

Bonnie's Old-fashioned Thick White Bean Soup

BonniE ! avatar
By BonniE !
This is how I make thick white bean soup for my family from scratch. It ...
(4 ratings)

Unbelievable Cucumber Relish

Jewel Hall avatar
By Jewel Hall
This fantastic recipe is AWESOME !! It's wonderful on dry beans, turnip greens, and many ...
(1 rating)

Grandmy's 9 Bean Salad

Maria Maxey avatar
By Maria Maxey
Inspired by my grandmother and my mother.I've learned by watching them since i was just ...
(1 rating)

Brussell Sprouts

Trish Lambert avatar
By Trish Lambert
My 5 year old grandaughter loves this and always asks for more. Anytime you can ...
(2 ratings)

Roasted Corn With Cumin Guacamole

Pam Stewart avatar
By Pam Stewart
I have tried many recipes for guacamole with corn but it always seemed that something ...
(1 rating)

Lee's Lobster Bisque

Lee Paige avatar
By Lee Paige
Someone I know loved this soup, so I went into a seafood restaurant and asked ...
(7 ratings)

Grandmy's Spiced Sugar Cookies.

Maria Maxey avatar
By Maria Maxey
Love to cook,with my grandchildren special my 8 year old so is so smart and ...
(2 ratings)

Big Mama's Cream Deodorant !!!

Colleen Sowa avatar
By Colleen Sowa
This is a more natural deodorant than store bought.... and much much cheaper! Sensitive ...
(4 ratings)