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#Cream Recipes

Bowls of Homemade Nutella Ice Cream.

Homemade Nutella Ice Cream

Jeanne Gliddon avatar
By Jeanne Gliddon
What can I say about this incredibly smooth, creamy, and delicious ice cream? We are ...
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Overnight Cinnamon Raisin French Toast ready to serve.

Overnight Cinnamon Raisin French Toast

Natalie Loop avatar
By Natalie Loop
Imagine waking up to the smell of cinnamon, vanilla, and baked bread. This is a ...
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creamy ravioli

Creamy Ravioli With Spinach And Tomatoes

Susan Magness avatar
By Susan Magness
This creamy ravioli with spinach and fresh tomatoes is a rustic home comfort food; the ...
A slice of Boston Cream Pie on a plate.

Boston Cream Pie

Carol Keene avatar
By Carol Keene
My friend and neighbor Jane Mc Williams made this for my birthday because I said ...
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Two slices of Mamaw's No-Bake Cherry Cheesecake.

Mamaw's No-bake Cherry Cheesecake

Amy H. avatar
By Amy H.
When I was a little girl, Grandma, whom we called Mamaw, brought this cheesecake to ...
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Basic Cream Pie Filling in a pie crust ready to top.

Basic Cream Pie Filling

Sena Wilson avatar
By Sena Wilson
Cream pies are a big hit in our family, as well as our friends. This ...
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A bowl of Bacon Parmesan Parsnip Puree.

Bacon Parmesan Parsnip Puree

Maggie May Schill avatar
By Maggie May Schill
I was going to go to the grocery store and I asked my husband which ...
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A slice of Death By Chocolate Ice Cream Cake on a plate.

Death By Chocolate Ice Cream Cake

Nonie Kozak avatar
By Nonie Kozak
This wonderfully sinful luscious cake was created for my 13 year old daughter's birthday. She ...
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Cream of asparagus soup in bowl.

Cream Of Asparagus Soup For Two

Teresa G. avatar
By Teresa G.
Light and fresh, and perfect for a springtime soup course that is sure to please.
A slice of Berries and Cream Pinwheel Cake on a plate.

Berries And Cream Pinwheel Cake

Cynthia Guptill avatar
By Cynthia Guptill
My best friend turns 60 today, and I wanted to bake her a special cake. ...
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Fried Creamed Corn in a cast iron skillet.

Fried Cream Corn

Dorothy Rose avatar
By Dorothy Rose
This is one of my family's favorite side dishes. My mother-in-law made this for me ...
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A platter of Strawberry Sandwich Cookies.

Strawberry Sandwich Cookies

Dee Stillwell avatar
By Dee Stillwell
This one was created for Sherri's Sandwich challenge on 02/13/2012. Keeping with this week's rules, ...
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A plate of Gingerbread Sugar Plum Kisses.

Gingerbread Sugar Plum Kisses

Didi Dalaba avatar
By Didi Dalaba
When I think of Christmas I think of sugar plums and sugar and berries and ...
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A bowl of Pancetta Spread with crackers.

Pancetta Spread

Cheryl Lundquist avatar
By Cheryl Lundquist
Tasty spread for crackers. I love to serve this to the ladies with a glass ...
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Brown Butter Blondies With Macerated Blackberries on a plate with whipped cream.

Brown Butter Blondies With Macerated Blackberries

Noelle Boesenberg avatar
By Noelle Boesenberg
The Brown Butter Blondie recipe is an adaptation of a recipe given to me by ...
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Cream Of Chicken & Rice Soup

Amy H. avatar
By Amy H.
This is a super simple soup to make, and so comforting!
Raspberry Cream Cheese Brownie on a plate.

Raspberry Cream Cheese Brownies

Kelli Thomas avatar
By Kelli Thomas
I love chocolate, my husband loves cheesecake. But we both agree these brownies are to ...
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Boulderberry Baked French Toast ready to be sliced.

Boulderberry Baked French Toast

Silka Clark avatar
By Silka Clark
This is a favorite in my family. Blueberries can be substituted or any berry mix. ...
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A bowl of Cheesecake Dip on a Stick.

Cheesecake Dip On A Stick

Whitney Froehlich avatar
By Whitney Froehlich
Concocted this recipe by a total accident! It was supposed to be used as a ...
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Diplomat cream

Diplomat Cream

Annastiina Salonen avatar
By Annastiina Salonen
Diplomat cream is known as crème diplomat in French. It's a mix of pastry cream ...
Liisa's cream candies.

Liisa's Cream Candies

Annastiina Salonen avatar
By Annastiina Salonen
This my grandmother Liisa's recipe that has been preserved in my family. The taste of ...
Boston Cream Poke Cake, plated.

Boston Cream Poke Cake

Teresa G. avatar
By Teresa G.
This is my version of a popular recipe for a Boston cream poke cake. It ...
A slice of Cranberry Cream Torte on a plate.

Cranberry Cream Torte

Carol Junkins avatar
By Carol Junkins
Received this recipe from my best friend whom I have known since grammar school! ...
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