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This is a family favorite vanilla cake.  It's buttery and sweet.

Vanilla Cake

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By Jennifer S
There is a well known diner here in Philadelphia and it recently changed hands. ...

Macadamia Nut White Chocolate Chip Cookies

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By Elaine Bovender
One of our customers where I used to work would send our department a big ...
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Easy New Orleans Barbecued Shrimp!

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By Amy H.
We love everything about New Orleans culture and try to visit our favorite US city ...

Oven Chicken And Rice

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By Amy H.
Did you know: Rice is the oldest known food that is still widely consumed today. ...
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Ghana Butter Bread

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By Elaine Bovender
I've had this recipe for a while, but I never made it until recently. ...
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Fresh baked shortbread cookies

Crispy Shortbread Cookies

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By Elaine Bovender
These shortbread cookies are so buttery and not too sweet. They're not hard to make ...
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Two Raspberry Honey Walnut Crescent Rolls on a plate.

Raspberry Honey Walnut Crescent Rolls

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By Cindy Graul
Reached in the fridge and said, "What a lovely combination of ingredients." I loved it, ...
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Ham And Cheese Pot Pie

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By Amy H.
I bought a crazy amount of boneless ham for the freezer recently because the sale ...
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Buttery Soft Pretzels

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By Christina Haley
These are buttery and so delicious!!! Have them with your favorite dipping sauce as ...
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These Buttery Pecan Snowball Cookies are easy, quick to fix, delicious, and they freeze well. You may even have the ingredients in your house right now.

Buttery Pecan Snowball Cookies

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By Beth Pierce
These Buttery Pecan Snowball Cookies are easy, quick to fix, delicious, and they freeze well. ...
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Jazzed-Up Jiffy muffin, buttered & ready to eat.

Jazzed-up Jiffy Muffins

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By Teresa G.
My husband just loves Jiffy corn muffins, and requested them for supper again tonight. However, ...
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Spicy Fish Soup

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By Bre Van Patten
One of these horribly frigid nights this winter, my husband and I came up with ...

Hash Brown Casserole

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By Iris Mccall
My 16-year-old loves, potatoes, he loves cheese, and he loves mushrooms, insanely. This recipe came ...
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Buttery Cinnamon Streusel Coffee Cake

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By Elaine Bovender
I was looking for something to take to a church breakfast and ran across this ...
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Buttery Biscuits

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By Tish Young
Not quite my mom's recipe but still delicious with a steaming bowl of soup!
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Buttery Lemon Pie Cookies

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By Family Favorites
This is a recipe that my grandmother, a culinary arts instructor, taught me when I ...
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Tender, Flaky, Buttermilk Biscuits

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By Cassie *
The kids were hinting for me to make some biscuits...I hadn't made this particular recipe ...
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Buttery Mashed Potatoes

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By Jammie Gogel
The only problem with this buttery bowl of happiness is its hard to stop testing ...
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Shortbread Thumbprint Cookies

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By Clemen Cifuentes
These are decadent, soft, and simply delicious. Fill them with your favorite jam or preserve ...
From Instagram: Nannie's Plain Loaf Cake

Nannie's Plain Loaf Cake

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By Dianne Hocut
I remember asking Nannie to jot down her favorite pound cake recipe she had just ...
Orange & Easy Breakfast Rolls

Orange & Easy Breakfast Rolls

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By Dianne Hocut
I love Ree Drummond's recipes! She has a knack for taking a tedious task such ...
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This was cooked in one of my handy pans available at the time as the cast one was busy. Although I suggest cooking in the cast iron pan for a nicely browned crispy crust which adds more flavor.

All-good Any-time Applesauce Cornbread

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By Joanne Hendriksen
This Moist, Sweet & Savory Cornbread is best eaten when cool

Asiago Designer Dinner Rolls

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By Melissa Buchanan-Smith
Recipe by: Melissa K. Smith These take time as you let the dough rise multiple times. ...
From Instagram: Pecan Sandies

Traditional Toasted Pecan Sandies

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By Dianne Hocut
These easy, buttery, and delicious sandies are a tradition at the Hocut house during the ...