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Two glasses of Cuban Sangria.

Cuban Sangria

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By April Alvarez
Since I'm married to a Cuban, this is a holiday drink in our household.
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Frozen Colorado Slush in a cup ready to serve.

Colorado Slush

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By Bonnie Porter
Everyone who has ever tasted this summertime icy drink loves it. I got this ...
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Chocolate Chip Brandy Cake

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By Maggie May Schill
One of our family's favorite holiday recipes. It first was thought up when we accidentally found ...

Crimson Baked Cranberries

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By Robyn Bruce
This is perfect for the winter holidays. **Note - This recipe can be made ...

Steak Diane

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By Vickie Parks
Steak Diane was created in New York City around the turn of the 20th century ...
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Brandied Cinnamon Apples

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By Sharee Hill
This is a great adult garnish for waffles, ice cream, pancakes, oatmeal, etc. Turn ...
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Tipsy Cherries (using Jarred Maraschino Cherries)

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By Family Favorites
I love these! So easy and delicious. They are yummy and refreshing served in mixed ...
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Tipsy Cherries (made With Fresh Cherries)

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By Family Favorites
My daughter use to work at a fruit and vegetable stand which was absolutely wonderful. ...
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Who doesn't love streusel? This has it top and center. The cherries are soft and slightly flavored of brandy. This cake makes a great presentation for a brunch or dessert. Coffee anyone?

Cherry Sour Cream Coffee Cake

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By Linda Mericle
I love a good streusel coffee cake. I am always looking for an occasion to ...

Chocolate Armagnac Pecan Tart

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By Molly W.
When I first made this tart it was for a dinner party in which two ...
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Brandied Custard Crepe Filling

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By Vickie Parks
I've been making this for more than 40 years, it's about the only recipe I ...
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Beautiful (1 oz. Courvoisier cognac, 1 oz. Grand Marnier)


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By Vickie Parks
Years ago, I discovered this wonderful cognac-based drink with a distinctive French origin. It's ...

Capirodada -- Mexican Bread Pudding

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By Sharon Whitley
There are many versions of this recipe. It is a Tex-Mex comfort food, and it ...

Flaming Steak Diane

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By Jeanne Gliddon
A co-worker gave me this recipe years ago when I was looking for a romantic ...


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By Ellen Gwaltney Bales
Another cocktail using the Scottish liqueur Drambuie. This one should get your juices flowing! Recipe & ...

Holiday Wassail

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By Suzanne Larsen
I've been making this for years for Christmas. It's good any time but it makes ...

Brandy Butter

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By Clare Chambers
This is an old family recipe, which I adore. If there is no Brandy ...

Brandy Truffles

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By Clare Chambers
Both my Mother and Grandmother have made these and I have been making them for ...
Lady Rose's Brandy Peach Cobbler with Dumplings

Lady Rose's Brandy Peach Cobbler With Dumplings

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By Rose Mary Mogan
This is a cobbler I made for the CHRISTMAS Holiday, and thought by adding a ...
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Drunken Sangria

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By Jennifer Qualls
The beauty of Sangria is that you can truly make it your own and is ...

Pork Chops With Brandy Cream Sauce

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By Ali Bresnahan
We love pork, and I fix pork chops frequently. But I needed to branch out ...
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Mocha Balls

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By Cathie Valentine
My sister makes these every year at Christmas Time. She always saves some for ...
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Fresh Cherry Dump Cobbler

Fresh Cherry Dump Cobbler

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By Jeanne Gliddon
Cherries are my favorite fruit and I love Cherry Pies but I love Cherry Cobblers ...
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Summer Time Slush (for Adults)

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By Family Favorites
Great for parties and BBQ's, this refreshing slush will be enjoyed by all of your ...
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