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Instant Pot Turkey/chicken Minestrone

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By Amy H.
History Lesson: Minestrone originated in the Roman Empire during a time before it had actually ...

Tomato-basil Creamy Chicken & Pasta

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By Amy H.
I love any kind of pasta and cream sauce! Who doesn't love good comfort food!
I did not replace my food processor when it died, so used a blender to make pesto. It may have been easier using a mortar and pestle, but I sold mine at our action before we moved! There is some green basil in this batch, btw.

Purple Pesto

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By Carolyn Haas
Trying to use up my pretty purple basil before it gets too cold!
Sun-dried tomato basil burger sauce on top of a grilled hamburger.

Sun-dried Tomato Basil Burger Sauce

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By Kitchen Crew
Ketchup and mustard can get boring on a burger. This sauce has the tangy flavor ...
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A sweet balsamic caprese burger assembled.

Sweet Balsamic Glaze Caprese Burger

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By Kisha Washington
It's a salty meets sweet burger...
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Pesto Mayo

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By Amy H.
This stuff is so tasty! Great with a tomato sandwich!
Spaghetti with mozzarella and tomato on a blue plate.

Spaghetti Salad With Balsamic And Basil Dressing

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By Gretchen ***
Basil is plentiful in the garden now and I love the way it pairs with ...
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Easy Caprese Salads

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By Colleen Sowa
This recipe is a guideline for two types of Easy Caprese Salads. The amounts given ...
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Walnut Pesto - Kosher

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By Carolyn Haas
I found this on Joy of Kosher blog with Jamie Geller. I didn't want to ...
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So yummy

Awesome Lemon Cream Sauce W/parmesan & Basil

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By Andy Anderson !
I worked on this for a bit of time... I wanted a sauce that was ...

Tomato Slices With Basil-honey Vinaigrette

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By Robyn Bruce
This is simple yet so delicious. You make your own vinaigrette. Better than bottled ...

Steak De Burgo For Two

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By Amy H.
I absolutely love Steak de Burgo! We don't have it very often because of the ...
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French Basil Chicken - Slow Cooker

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By Debbie Sue
My sister gave me this recipe a long time ago. IT'S AWESOME! ...
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Chili Recipe In Crockpot

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By C P
With the temperature 35 F below normal, today's high was 52 F and the ...

Tomato Basil Sandwich

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By Kathy W
This sandwich is so delicious, easy to make and oh so messy! A great way ...

~ Sun Dried Tomato, Bacon & Herb Dip ~

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By Cassie *
I had a package of sun-dried tomatoes I needed to use, so this is what ...

Tomato And Blue Cheese Soup

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By Carolyn Haas
From Soups and Starters by Fraser. A way to use up fresh tomatoes - esp, ...
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By Sherry Blizzard
I got this recipe from a friend at work after I had complained about the ...

Fried Shrimp & Angel Hair Pasta

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By Amy H.
I got inspired by the shrimp dish I ordered at The Cheese Cake Factory last ...
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This is my personal recipe for basil tomato sauce I’ve been making for over 30 years. This recipe is both easy to prepare, and from stove to table in 15 minutes!!

Fresh Tomato, Basil, Garlic Sauce

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By C P
I have enjoyed making this recipe for basil, tomato, garlic sauce for over 30 years. ...

Tomato, Basil & Mozzarella Bruchetta

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By Melissa L
I used a small dish on my food processor, mincing one ingredient at a time. ...

Caprese Salad Bites-annette's

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By Annette W.
One of our favorite summertime salads is Caprese Salad. I mean we can't get enough ...
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Homemade Italian Spice

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By Jen Smallwood
another one of my quick and easy mix that can be used in any of ...

Tomato-basil Bread Pudding

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By Jim Frigyes
Your family will love this fresh tomato, basil, bread pudding. I make it with ...
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