#ball Recipes

A platter of Coconut Balls with toasted coconut on top.

Coconut Balls

These coconut balls won a 1st place ribbon at the local county fair.

Chicken Meatball and Broccoli Macaroni Bowl

When I was first married in 1993, I came across a chicken cook book in ...

Corned Beef Cream Cheese Ball served with crackers.

Corned Beef Cream Cheese Ball

This is always requested by my friends and family. So easy and super yummy! ...

Instant Pot Chicken Meatball & Root Vegetable Soup

I got inspired by all the Fall Flavors as the final harvest season begins but ...

Holiday Cheese Ball with crackers.

Holiday Cheese Ball

This recipe comes from my husband's side of the family. I had to ask for ...

Asian Style Turkey Meat Balls & White Rice

Fun Turkey Fact: According to National Geographic Magazine, wild turkeys typically forage on forest floors, ...

European Style Meatballs

This is delicious. I used to make them with veal, but around here, if you ...

German Chocolate Cake Balls

A great way to turn your favorite cake into a finger food.

~ Glorious Old English Bacon Spread ~

Another wonderful spread for upcoming dinners and parties. Enjoy!

Appetizer for any occasion.

Olive Cheese Ball

Simple appetizer that is regularly requested any time of year.

Snowballs (White chocolate cookie butter balls)

I have recently discovered that I am allergic to peanut butter (and maybe all nuts-which ...

Pecan Pie Balls

The yummiest part of a Pecan Pie with a little kick! I made these for Thanksgiving ...

Garlic-Bacon Cheese Log

I just kinda made this one up, but it sure is tasty and goes over ...

~ Philly Cream Cheese & Bacon Ball ~

Delicious! Serve at your next party...so yummy!

Bacon Ranch Cheeseball

This is my favorite cheese ball recipe!

Olive Cheese Ball

This is my mother's most requested recipe from her friends. I'm so glad she ...

Chocolate Chip Cheese Ball

Penny Wilcox made this for our March 2014 meeting.

Holiday Cheese Ball

Rolled in pistachios and dried cranberries, this makes a pretty Christmas cheese ball.

Holiday Cheese Ball. A year after year.

Holiday Cheese Ball

I found this recipe in an old cookbook of my mom's when I was 12 ...

Chocolate Chip Cream Cheese Ball

Chocolate Chip Cheese Ball

This unusual cheese ball tastes like cookie dough. Serve with chocolate wafers or graham ...

Sesame Balls

Another traditional Indian sweet delicacy. Easy and can be prepared within a few minutes. Enjoy!

Cordi's Cheese Ball

This is another one of my 'wing it' recipes. I wanted to make a ...


Coconut Cherry Balls

I received an e-mail last night from a fellow member, asking if I had a ...