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Coconut milk ice cream on a plate with warm crustless peach cobbler.

Coconut Milk Ice Cream Or Popsicles- Scd Compliant

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By C C
So far this is my kid’s & my favorite SCD coconut ice-cream recipe, after trying ...
Almond Puff Pastry King's Cake ready to be sliced.

Almond Puff Pastry King's Cake

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By Phyllis Brescia
This is a wonderful recipe to share with others.
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Macarons with Peppermint French Buttercream


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By Annastiina Salonen
Macarons were already known in the medieval era and the Italian chef of Catherine de' ...
Shrove Buns, also known as Semlor or Laskiaispullat.

Shrove Buns

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By Annastiina Salonen
Known as Semlor in Sweden and Laskiaispulla in Finland, this recipe is a very traditional ...
Almond mass, a Finnish dessert ingredient.

Almond Mass

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By Annastiina Salonen
Here is the basic recipe for the almond mass which is used as the filling ...
Almond Crusted Tilapia on a plate ready to serve.

Almond Crusted Tilapia

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By Leslie Holt
This recipe calls for almonds. However, I have used pecans and actually like the taste ...
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Almond-Bacon Bread Stuffing ready to serve.

Almond-bacon Bread Stuffing

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By Amy H.
This stuffing is my absolute favorite thing about the holidays!
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A platter of Twizzlers With Almond Bark.

Twizzlers With Almond Bark

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By Linda Faye Lober
Back in the '70s, I went into a Topsy's, at the Antioch Shopping Center. There ...
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Cutting to share!

Almond Pound (bundt) Cake

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By Debbie Sue
This is a great pound cake. Stands on it's own, and doesn't need a glaze ...
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Fudge Brownies (real Chocolate)

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By Amy H.
This is one of the best brownie recipes I've ever made. The real chocolate in ...

Dark Chocolate-almond Brownie Bites (flour Free)

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By Amy H.
Calories 116 per 1/16 piece Total Fat 4.5g Saturated Fat 1.1g Cholesterol 0mg Sodium 59mg 3% Total Carbohydrate 20.1g Dietary Fiber ...
Vanilla Almond Cereal and Mango

Vanilla Almond Mango Cereal

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By Catherine Ferensic
Morning/snack enjoy
A platter of Almond Crumb Scones With Honey Butter.

Almond Crumb Scones With Honey Butter

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By Jessica Silva
Yummy, sweet, a little crunchy, a lot nutty, and perfect with the accompanying honey butter!
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Reduced Calorie Raspberry Muffins

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By Amy H.
Fun fact: Each raspberry consists of around 100 individual tiny fruits, called drupelets, filled with ...
Sugar Free Cherry Almond Cake

Sugar Free Cherry Almond Cake

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By Linda Starr
I have a huge sweet tooth and I'm always looking to satisfy it with alternative ...

Almond Roca

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By Amy H.
Did you know that Almond Roca is a brand of candy. It's a chocolate-covered, almond ...

Almond-cranberry Quick Bread

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By Linda Moore
Cranberry and almond flavoring are wonderful together, especially for Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.
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Chocolate Almond Cookies

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By Annamaria Settanni McDonald
These cookies are chewy and chocolaty with a great taste of almond. I think ...
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Homemade Cherry Pie Bars

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By Elaine Bovender
I found this recipe in a magazine some time ago. The original recipe called ...
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Spiced Maple Popcorn With Almonds And Cashews

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By Cindy Smith Bryson
You love popcorn, maple, almonds, and cashews, right? Put them all together and you have ...
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Pancake Almondine

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By Rhonda E!
I eat pancakes every once in a while and when I do I make them ...
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Amaretto Cake

This bundt cake is my family's favorite. I make it for Easter almost every year, ...

Melissa's Almond Cheesecake

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By Melissa Buchanan-Smith
I am a huge Cheesecake Factory fan. Anytime a homemade cheesecake brings me the ...
Not much left to take a picture of!

Sweet Hazelnut Baked Brie

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By C C
I usually serve a Brie topped with an apricot, rosemary, balsamic vinegar, and pecan topping. ...