For Kids Rice Side Recipes

Sep 13, 2021

Chef V's Fluffy Rice Pilaf

By V Seward
Having tasted many bland rice pilaf recipes, I created this family favorite. By substituting water...
Feb 18, 2020

Herb & Butter Rice

By Francine Lizotte
This Herb & Butter Rice is a delicious side dish to add to your folder. It...
Oct 28, 2019

Turkey Fried Rice

By Lynda Hayes
This is an excellent recipe for all that leftover Turkey! After a couple days of eating Turkey...
Jan 19, 2019

Baked Essentials: Parmesan, Cilantro, Lime Rice

By Andy Anderson !
I love good cilantro lime rice, so I thought I would mix cultures (Mexican/Italian), and add...
Sep 20, 2018

Spanish Rice

By Beth Pierce
Spanish Rice is a combination of onions, peppers, garlic, rice and salsa. This easy dependable...
Jul 12, 2018

Cheesy Broccoli Rice

By Jennifer H
My daughter hates broccoli. My daughter loves this cheesy broccoli rice. Chop the broccoli into whatever...
May 14, 2018

Fried Rice

By Gail Charbonneau
I have been making this rice for about 40 years. It can be a meal...
Jun 5, 2017

Rice and Veggies

By Lynn Socko
To die for! That's about all I can say. Wish I could have held...
May 18, 2017


By Lora DiGs
May 5, 2017

Not Authentic Spanish Rice

By Elaine Douglas
Recently I had dinner at a Mexican restaurant on Camano Island. The dinner was excellent and...
Nov 19, 2016

Herb Rice Made Simple

By Rhonda E!
I just got some fresh thyme from my moms house and dried it and brought it...
Mar 1, 2016


By sallye bates
This is blatant takeoff of one of Dave Lieberman's recipes. I have changed it to suit...
Nov 17, 2015

Vegetable Paella

By Daily Inspiration S
A delicious casserole that can serve as a main dish or side. Recipe from an old cookbook...
Nov 17, 2015

Buttered Lemon Rice with Parsley & Cheese

By Daily Inspiration S
A delicious side dish to any roasted or grilled meat.
Nov 2, 2015

Indian Chicken with Cashew Rice

By Daily Inspiration S
This recipe just screams flavor and it makes a beautiful presentation as well. Recipe from Food Network...
Oct 25, 2015

Tex-Mex Rice with Corn

By Daily Inspiration S
A quick version of Mexican rice to accompany your Tex-Mex meal. Recipe is from Southern Living Magazine.
Oct 17, 2015

Cold Weather Comfort Food: White Rice with a Twist

By Andy Anderson !
This side dish is an interesting departure from normal boiled rice. We’re going to infuse some...
Oct 16, 2015


By Ellen Bales
This recipe comes from Hormel Foods. 10-16-15
Oct 12, 2015


By sallye bates
Sticky rice is used in so many Asian recipes, that I thought a recipe showing only...
Sep 8, 2015


By Ellen Bales
I had been thinking of stir fry and then I thought of chicken fried rice--my favorite...
Aug 20, 2015

Authentic Yellow Rice - Arroz Amarillo

By Sarah McCormick
It took me many, many years to really grasp the concept of making GOOD rice. Authentic...
Aug 4, 2015

Hamburger Steaks

By Marie Lesane
A good meal to make on a busy weeknight. I like to make brown gravy with...
Jul 23, 2015


By sallye bates
You are going to love this heart healthy, low fat, low calorie green rice. It's...
Jul 7, 2015

Coconut Chicken with Pineapple Fried Rice

By Daily Inspiration S
Enjoy a tropical night with this dish! Recipe from Southern Living. *Cooking time does not include preparing rice.
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