Filipino Recipes

Corn Soup with Quail Eggs.

Corn Soup with Quail Eggs

This is a Filipino soup, and it is easy and tasty. This is from a ...

Instant Pot Chicken Adobo

I used cauliflower rice which was really great.

Corned Beef and Rice on a plate.

Corned Beef and Rice

Canned corned beef used to be inexpensive and something to have in the pantry to ...

Sipo Egg

Sipo Egg is a Filipino quail egg and shrimp recipe that originated in Pampanga, Philippines ...

Lumpia (Meat & Veggie)

Lumpia is a favorite in our household. We make it on special occasions. This is ...

Lumpia Shanghai

My family loves lumpia. We generally make two kinds around here. This recipe is one ...

A platter of Spring Rolls.

Spring Rolls (My Mother's Recipe)

My mom made this while I was growing up. She'd make a big batch of ...

Flavor packed tender Pork Adobo over white rice

Pork Adobo

A dish from the Philippines. My Sister In Law shared with me. From The Bicol Region. ...

Finished dish of Pork Afritada over whit Rice.


My Brother and his Wife shared this recipe with me. My Sister In Law is from ...

Chicken Adobo

Yummy spicy garlicy, sour tastes so good

Pork Belly Adobo

Pork Belly Adobo

I found a 2 pound piece of pork belly in the freezer and decided to ...

Filipino Chicken Adobo

This brings all you taste buds to life. Sweet, sour, salty, garlicy. The chicken is ...

Chicken Asado

This is a great tasting Filipino chicken dish that is sweet and salty.

Chicken Liver & Heart Adobo

Chicken Liver & Heart Adobo

This is a modified Filipino dish made with common ingredients. The use of flour is ...

Green Raw Mango Salad

Green mango salad is a delicious appetizer and it has health benefits. A combination of ...

Asadong Pork Giniling with Quail Eggs & Mushrooms.

Asadong Pork Giniling with Quail Eggs & Mushrooms

This is a Filipino dish and struck my interest as a main dish with the ...

Filipino Pork Noodle Soup in Instant Pot

You can make this soup on the stove top just increasing the cooking time to ...

Adobo Chicken

The chicken is very tender and the garlic vinegar taste is amazing

Coconut Chicken Adobo

Adobo is a Filipino style of cooking that uses a lot of garlic and ...

Filipino Chicken BBQ Skewers

Really tasty. Can be grilled but soak the skewers for 30 minutes first.

Adobo Chicken Wings

Adobo is a Filipino method of flavoring using vinegar and garlic. Really yummy.


This is my favorite Filipino recipe. I learned to make it from my friend ...