Food in a Flash Recipes

Try these quick and easy recipes to get dinner on the table in a flash.

Chicken Cordon Bleu Bake ready to be served.

Chicken Cordon Bleu Bake

A quick and easy family favorite and a good way to use leftover chicken or ...

A platter of Chicken Bites With Honey Mustard.

Chicken Bites With Honey Mustard

They say these taste like "Chick-Fil-A" nuggets. The honey mustard sauce is great! Now I ...

A bowl of No-Brainer Glazed Carrots.

No-Brainer Glazed Carrots

I cook almost every night and like to have a vegetable with my meal. The ...

Stuffed Bell Peppers Superior sprinkled with cheese.

Stuffed Bell Peppers Superior

If you like Souperior Meat Loaf you will like these!! I like to put ...

Stuffed Bell Peppers on a plate.

Stuffed Bell Peppers

This is a good way to use an abundant supply of fresh veggies in the ...

Philly Cheesesteak Calzone sliced and on a platter.

Philly Cheesesteak Calzones

While we were moving into our new home, I whipped this up because we didn't ...

A platter of Avocado-Stuffed Tomatoes.

Avocado Stuffed Tomatoes

A friend brought this to a backyard party once and I really liked it. She ...

Cinnamon Brown Sugar Rice Krispie Treats cut into squares.

Cinnamon Brown Sugar Rice Krispies Treats

My boyfriend and his family love cinnamon brown sugar anything. So, I thought to myself, ...

Baked Monte Cristo Sandwiches drizzled with raspberry jam.

Baked Monte Cristo Sandwiches

Perfect for hurry up meals and easy preparation. KIDS LOVE IT! It's great for Bunco ...

A platter of Ham & Pistachio Roll-Ups.

Ham & Pistachio Roll-Ups

These roll-ups go great on a buffet table or as nibbles at a cocktail party, ...

A plate of Mom's Swedish Meatballs.

Mom's Swedish Meatballs

This recipe calls for consomme which has a stronger flavor than regular beef broth. If ...

A platter of Cream Cheese Muffin Puffs.

Cream Cheese Muffin Puffs

I love cream cheese and these are so quick and easy to make. They are ...

Three BBQ Pulled Chicken Puffs on a plate.

BBQ Pulled Chicken Puffs

This recipe is simple and easy to make!

Two Crescent Wrapped Cheese Hot Dogs on a plate.

Crescent Wrapped Cheese Hot Dogs

We never use hot dog rolls anymore. These are sooo good and easy to make. ...

Beef Stroganoff Sandwich ready to be sliced.

Beef Stroganoff Sandwiches

This beef stroganoff sandwich recipe is delicious. My family loves it!

Thick-N-Rich Hot Fudge Sauce drizzled over a slice of cookie pie.

Thick and Rich Hot Fudge Sauce

This hot fudge is so simple to whip up. So yummy on so many things ...

Classic Chicken Marsala on a plate.

Classic Chicken Marsala

There is something very special about simple, classic meals. In the last few weeks, I've ...

BBQ Turnover cut in half on a plate.

BBQ Turnovers

These are sooooo... good and they are really simple!! Hope you enjoy as much as ...

A scoop of 5 Layer Cream Cheese Chili Dip on a tortilla chip.

5 Layer Cream Cheese Chili Dip

A few years ago my husband and I would have his cousin and wife come ...

Apple and pear chutney spooned over pork chops.

Pork Chops With Apple & Pear Chutney

Well, it's that time of year... my kitchen sees the most action with apples. We ...

A rack of Pumpkin Mini Doughnuts.

Pumpkin Mini-Doughnuts

These baked doughnuts are full of autumn goodness. They are very quick and easy to ...

Pepper steak served over rice.

Pepper Steak on Rice

I used to make this for us a lot because it's very simple and quick. ...

Sloppy Joe Mix on a toasted bun with a pickle.

Sloppy Joe Mix

Don't let this list of ingredients intimidate you. These are easy and you probably have ...

A big bowl of Taco Pasta.

Taco Pasta

This pasta is creamy, delicious, and tastes like tacos! It won't heat up your kitchen ...