Saute Recipes

The Best French Onion Dip Recipe

The Best French Onion Dip

By Myra Wynne
Quick, easy and so much better than store-bought! Try it once and I guarantee you'll never...
Coq Au Vin Recipe

Coq au vin

By Jane Asher
From my mother-in-law. I understand real coq au vin should be with red wine, but this is...
Texas Crabgrass Recipe

Texas Crabgrass

By Jenay Tate
Discovered this in my "Caterin' to Charleston" cookbook. I play around with it every time I...
Corn And Spinach Saute Recipe

Corn and Spinach Saute

By Heather Stepniewski
This was a quick and easy vegetable when my fridge was near empty. This was also...
Ranchero Corn Recipe

Ranchero Corn

By Tamara Minck
My family requires this recipe on all holidays, whether we are home or away. Enjoy! **Fresh...
Sautéed Brussel Sprouts With Pinion Nuts Recipe

Sautéed brussel sprouts with pinion nuts

By Terri Brown
We grow brussel sprouts at our mountain home of 7600 feet and they are yummy cooked...
Shrimp And Spaghetti Squash Recipe

Shrimp and Spaghetti Squash

By Linda Franklin
Perfect dinner for two served with fresh cut watermelon, sprinkled with mint flakes
Summer Harvest Ravioli Recipe

Summer Harvest Ravioli

By Tara Holmes
This is a healthy quick recipe that I make frequently for my family. It's easy...
Portuguese Dry Cod Fish Recipe

Portuguese Dry Cod Fish

By marcia K.
This is a Portuguese special for Easter, although Italians usually cook for Christmas. It is...
Lamb Runza Recipe

Lamb Runza

By LeAnn Boardman
So easy and yummy. I have friends over every year for a weekend and this dish...
Brussel Sprouts With Walnuts Recipe

Brussel Sprouts with Walnuts

By Thea Pappalardo
Even people who are not crazy about brussel sprouts love them prepared like this.
Dee's Awesome Tacos Recipe

Dee's Awesome Tacos

By Dee Stillwell
In the 70's, Ortega published a recipe for taco filling with their ads. I made them...
Sauteed Asparagus Recipe

Sauteed Asparagus

By Caitlin Bussard
My mother-in-law loves this recipe - and its so easy! Tastes great and for some reason...
My Romeo Recipe

My Romeo

By Lauren Perkins-Boyd
This is my version of "The Romeo" a scramble at my favorite brunch spot Gravy.
Halushki Recipe


By Anna Mae Kantor
This is an old ethnic recipe that is really tasty. I'm not sure what nationality...