Wild Game Recipes

I Made This Recipe For Russel's Moose Ribs Last Night - Delicious!

Russell's Moose Ribs

By deb baldwin
Russ is a hunting guide up in BC, Canada..He swears by these ribs.. Can use beef, elk...
Stew With Elk Stew Meat And A Drop Of Sour Cream Sprinkled With Bacon.

LPC Moose (or beef) and Noodle Stew

By deb baldwin
LPC: Low Pressure Cooker This is not a pressure cooker like your grandma has..cooks with low pressure....
Deb's Moose Chili

Deb's Moose Chili

By deb baldwin
My version of a chili recipe that I got partly off the internet and combined it...
Chicken Fried Deer Steaks (holly, Haus And A Big Buck)!

Chicken Fried Deer Steak

By Holly Grier- Wallace
We eat a lot of venison and wild turkey, this recipe is delicious when served with...
Deer Burger With Portabello Mushroom

Deer Burger with Portabello Mushroom

By Holly Grier- Wallace
We eat a lot of deer meat and love to make this gigantic deer meat burger....
Oh My Deer Philli Cheese Steak Sandwitches

"Oh my Deer" Philli Cheese Steak Sandwitches

By Stormy Stewart
Since it is almost deer season I thought I would post my favorite deer recipe. It...
Mom's Venison Roast

MOM'S Venison Roast

By Zelda Hopkins
This recipe comes from my sister-in-law and she got it from her mother. This is really...
Cowboy Game Hens

Cowboy Game Hens

By Bob Wakeman
i make thes when camping. all ways draw a croud. very easy to do
Wild Game Meatloaf

wild game meatloaf

By Bob Wakeman
Found this in a news paper. But then i was hinking that my dad used to...
Venison Barbecue

Venison Barbecue

By judy williams
This is my family's favorite way to eat venison. Photo taken by my daughter Alisyn.
Bow And Arrow Hunting

Bow and Arrow Hunting

Yesterday morning was opening day of bow and arrow season for deer. As I approached...
Slow Cooker Or Crock Pot Duck Is Much Easier To Make Than Duck Cooked In The Oven.

Crock Pot Duck

By Jo Zimny
Definitely one of the best ways to cook a duck. See cooking times in the directions.
Dans Deer Steak, Bacon And Eggs

Deer Steak, bacon and Eggs

By Holly Grier- Wallace
This was actually created by my man Dan, he sure can cook when he puts his...
Hunter's Sweet N' Spicy Chili In A Bowl With Fresh Cornbread.

Hunter's Sweet 'n Spicy Chili

By Leah O'Connell
My husband and I have argued for years which chili recipe is the best, his or...
Duck Soup   ( Czarnina )


By Eddie Jordan
This is a old Polish recipe that was used at Easter time.This recipe is traditionally served...
Larapin' Meatloaf


By Peggi Anne Tebben
I have made my meatloaf the same way for over 40 years.I thought I would mix...
Pepper Steak


By Peggi Anne Tebben
Like most of my other recipes, I have made this for several years. My family loves...
This Soup Is Rich And Hearty And A Vegetarian Meal In A Bowl. Not For The Diet Concious

Doukhobor Winter Borsch

By pamela peake
This is a wonderful hearty, vegetarian soup. It is quite labor intensive but so worth it....
Diana Around Age 4

Diana's Venison Smothered Steaks

By Stormy Stewart
This is a recipe I learned when I came to visit and she put me to...
Squirrel Stew

Squirrel Stew for a Crowd

By Teresa Malkemus
Granny used to say this stew was a perfect way to feed a lot of people...
Roast Raccoon With Stuffing

Roast Raccoon with Stuffing

By Teresa Malkemus
Found this recipe in an old recipe box I got at an auction. Card says,"fixed for...
Fried Frog Legs....gramps Recipe

FRIED FROG LEGS....Gramps Recipe

By Nancy J. Patrykus
The hind legs of thefrog have a taste like chicken, in texture and flavor. If your fish...
Holly's Honkin' Deerballs!

Holly's Honkin' Deerballs and Tomato Sauce

By Holly Grier- Wallace
I use deer-meat for almost every dish that I cook. This "deerball" recipe is easy...
Venison Spaghetti


By Rev BJ Friley
This is 1 of the many recipes that I have developed over my lifetime of outdoor...
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