Turkey Recipes Sifted

120   Thanksgiving Turkey Roast

120 Thanksgiving Turkey Roast

By Nancy Chung
Delicious Thanksgiving Turkey recipe!
2-hour Steam Roasted Turkey

2-Hour Steam Roasted Turkey

By Diane Atherton
20-lbs and 2 hours later, this bird is done! Why spend most of your time in the...
2-hour Turkey, Really.

2-Hour Turkey, Really.

By Torrey Moseley
I ran across this recipe a few years back from my local grocery store. I was...
5 Star Stuffed Turkey Roll

5 Star Stuffed Turkey Roll

By Janet Scott
I can't get over just how amazing this Turkey roll is, beyond moist! The compliments came rolling...
Ali's Crockpot Turkey Chili

Ali's Crockpot Turkey Chili

By ali Bresnahan
I finally got a slow cooker, and am constantly trying to find ways to use it!...
Stuffed Red Peppers Right Out Of The Oven.

Ali's Turkey-Stuffed Red Peppers

By ali Bresnahan
This recipe is delicious ~ the pepper is soft, and the mixture inside is so tasty....
Turkey Meatloaf With Vegetables

Almost Fat Free Turkey Meatloaf

By Laura Hinkeldey
I absolutely love this recipe for turkey meatloaf! It is a very easy recipe and if...
Amazing Asian Lettuce Wraps

Amazing Asian Lettuce Wraps

By Christine Hadden
It just feels healthy when you eat something out of a piece of lettuce doesn't it???
Turkey Pitas With A Mexi Twist!

Amigo Pita Pocket Sandwiches

By Barb Janisse
I've been making these for years, always a favorite in our house. Healthy, delicious and easy...
Another Twist On My Meat Loaf

Another Twist On My Meat Loaf

By Norma DeRemer
We both were hungry for one of my meet loaves and I decided to add to...
I Hope You Enjoy This Recipe!

Antonio's Sunday Gravy

By Tony G.
A heart healthy twist on your traditional meat sauce using ground turkey meat with a low...
I Hope You Enjoy This Recipe!

Anytime Turkey Chili

By Lynda Sweezey
There is 241 calories in 1 c.chili. It is like Thanksgiving in 1 bowl.
Apple And Herb Infused Roast Turkey On A Platter.

Apple and Herb Infused Roast Turkey

By Tammy Brownlow
This is my holiday roast turkey. It is so flavorful and moist. My family loves the...
Apple Cider Brined Roasted Turkey

Apple Cider Brined Roasted Turkey

By barbara lentz
super moist turkey and the apple cider makes a great tasting gravy.
Apple Juice & Rum Grilled Smoked Turkey Breast

Apple Juice & Rum Grilled Smoked Turkey Breast

By Rose Mary Mogan
Apple Meatloaf

Apple Meatloaf

By Lois Hernandez
My husband found this recipe in the newspaper the other day and asked me to make...
Apple Turkey Meatballs

Apple Turkey Meatballs

By Susie Price
Apple + Turkey with sticky sauce. Yum! These are great to make in bulk on a...
Apricot Turkey Kebabs On Naan With Summer Slaw

Apricot Turkey Kebabs on Naan with Summer Slaw

By Amy Freeze
This unconventional sandwich pairs healthier turkey kebabs with bright, low fat slaw and naan bread to...
Asian Lettuce Wraps

Asian Lettuce Wraps

By Kim Biegacki
This is a super easy recipe to make and can be made in any pan. It...
Photo By Minitindel- Recipe Tweaked By Me.

Asian Meatloaf with Peanut Butter Sauce

By Pat Duran
This is a very moist and tasty recipe- a change from the ordinary meatloaf- you are...
Asian Style Turkey Meat Balls & White Rice

Asian Style Turkey Meat Balls & White Rice

By Amy Herald
Fun Turkey Fact: According to National Geographic Magazine, wild turkeys typically forage on forest floors, but...
Avocado & Turkey Breast Tortilla

Avocado & Turkey Breast Tortilla

By Lisa Pekala
This tortilla wrap is a very quick and easy recipe that requires no cooking. It is...
Awesome Club

Awesome Club

By Cassie *
It was warm here today, so I decided to make our favorite club sandwich...this sandwich is...
A Rich Once In Awhile Treat. A Buttery Croissant Filled With Ham And Cheese And Topped With A Wonderful Sauce. It Is To Die For!

Awesome Croque Monsieur

By Barbara Miller
This is perhaps my favorite "go to" luncheon recipe. They are decadent, tasty, easy and elegant...

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