Lamb Recipes

Lamb Chops Recipe

Lamb Chops

By Elizabeth DEWOLFE
Delicious and simple lamb chops! I like Costco's lamb because it comes from New Zealand and...
Lamb Runza Recipe

Lamb Runza

By LeAnn Boardman
So easy and yummy. I have friends over every year for a weekend and this dish...
Irish Stew (lamb) Recipe

Irish Stew (lamb)

By Kim Biegacki
On St. Patricks's Day, the entire day of programming from QVC is recorded at my house....
Leg Of Lamb Recipe

Leg of Lamb

By Zelda Hopkins
I Have never been really crazy over Lamb But A friend fixed this and it was...
The Lamb Recipe

The Lamb

By Kim Biegacki
The Lamb by William Blake ---- It is my all time favorite poem. I could listen...
Citrus Marinated Leg Of Lamb Recipe

Citrus Marinated Leg of Lamb

By Rose Mary Mogan
Another item I made especially for my husband for Father's Day. One of his favorite items...
Lady Rose's Southern Style Moussaka Recipe

Lady Rose's Southern Style Moussaka

By Rose Mary Mogan
I created my version of this Southern Style Moussaka shortly after Father's Day, Having about 4...
Lamb Curry Recipe

Lamb Curry

By Nancy Allen
The lamb is so tender in this dish. The flavors all work really well together.