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Grandma's Table Recipes

A large bowl of My Grandma's Spaghetti Sauce over spaghetti.

My Grandma's Spaghetti Sauce

Stacy Hutchinson avatar
By Stacy Hutchinson
My grandma has been making this spaghetti sauce for years. Now I make it for ...
(4 ratings)
A bowl of Norwegian Meatballs and Rice.

Norwegian Meatballs And Rice

Kat Ryan avatar
By Kat Ryan
This recipe was passed down from my grandma and always is a home run with ...
(13 ratings)
Grandma Barbara's Tuna Salad in a serving bowl.

Grandma Barbara's Tuna Salad

Lindsey McCue avatar
By Lindsey McCue
Our family gatherings would never be the same without a giant bowl of Grandma's tuna ...
(10 ratings)
Grandma's Butterscotch Pie ready to be sliced.

Grandma's Butterscotch Pie

Melissa Snow avatar
By Melissa Snow
Grandma liked to cook and she used to love looking through cookbooks for different recipes. ...
(2 ratings)
A tray of Grandma's Cabbage Burgers.

Grandma's Cabbage Burgers

Brenda Broadfoot avatar
By Brenda Broadfoot
I loved it when my Mom and Grandma would make these. It was always a ...
(27 ratings)
A bowl of Grandma Dee's Tuna Egg Salad.

Grandma Dee's Tuna Egg Salad

Dee Stillwell avatar
By Dee Stillwell
I am submitting this recipe in honor of my grandson, Cayden. He loves his Grandma ...
(20 ratings)
Grandma Catherine's Blueberry Pie ready to be sliced.

Grandma Catherine's Blueberry Pie

Catherine Bowman avatar
By Catherine Bowman
I just wanted a simple blueberry pie recipe. I looked high and low, but I ...
(5 ratings)
Sour Cream Peach Pie ready to be sliced.

Sour Cream Peach Pie

Annette Kisser avatar
By Annette Kisser
This is a recipe passed to me by my mother-in-law, Inez Kisser of Fargo, ND. ...
(17 ratings)

Grandma Kaphingst Oatmeal Date Bars

Susan Magness avatar
By Susan Magness
Here is another one of Grandma's date recipes, it sounds so easy.
(1 rating)

Grandma Braun's Vegetable Soup

Geri Imdieke avatar
By Geri Imdieke
My grandma's vegetable soup has always been a family favorite. My mother frequently served it ...
(1 rating)

My Grandma Logan's & James's Fried Corn

Sherri Williams avatar
By Sherri Williams
This is my Grandma Logan's Fried Corn recipe as I remember it. My brother-in-law ...
(7 ratings)

Grandma's Shortcake Drop Biscuits

Norma DeRemer avatar
By Norma DeRemer
During the Summer months, grandma would make these bicuits and put all kinds of berries ...
(1 rating)

Grandma's Turkey Rice-almond Dish

Angie Robinson avatar
By Angie Robinson
My Grandma had an old Fannie Farmer cookbook in which she also taped all her ...
(2 ratings)
Baked Grandma Marcella's Chocolate Cake for Desiray's Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grandma Marcella's Chocolate Cake

Colleen Lawrence avatar
By Colleen Lawrence
My long time Friend Marcella,was like an Adopted Mom to Me,and Like an Adopted Grandma ...
(2 ratings)

Grandma Ruth's Maple/carmel Ice-box Cookies

Deb Baldwin avatar
By Deb Baldwin
My grandmother sent me this cookie recipe a long time ago.. I think I made it ...
(1 rating)

Grandma Rose's Carrot Pie

Karla Everett avatar
By Karla Everett
My Grandma use to make this every Thanksgiving and Christmas and now every since she ...
(4 ratings)

Grandmas Secret Chocolate Cake

Kellie Parker avatar
By Kellie Parker
I found this recipe going thru one of my grandmas recipes in a box. I ...
(2 ratings)

Grandma's Chili

Cindi Rushton avatar
By Cindi Rushton
This is a chili recipe my grandmother always made, and has been handed down through ...
(2 ratings)

Great Grandma's Pioneer Trail Biscuits

Colleen Sowa avatar
By Colleen Sowa
My Great-Grandmother Kennedy use to make these biscuits and passed the recipe down, it became ...
(10 ratings)

Grandmas's Dip

Amy Lojko avatar
By Amy Lojko
This is the most addictive dip in the world. Every party, we all stand around ...
(2 ratings)

Grandma Nancy's Chicken And Biscuits

Dawn Moore avatar
By Dawn Moore
Growing up, Grandma Nancy made her famous Chicken & Biscuits for every special occasion and ...
(1 rating)

Valencia Delights

Jill Drury avatar
By Jill Drury
It was a crisp Fall afternoon and I had just gotten home from another rough ...
(24 ratings)

Cream Cheese Mints

Natasha Cannon avatar
By Natasha Cannon
Hope you enjoy one of my favorite things to make with my grandma reminds me ...
(4 ratings)
Hot out of the oven!

Grandma Nash's Hot Rolls

Robin Wellhouse avatar
By Robin Wellhouse
My Grandma Nash used to make these rolls for each meal. However, nothing was measured ...
(3 ratings)