Other Drink Recipes

Delicious drink recipes from Blue Ribbon cooks around the world. We dare you not to double fist these...

A cup of coffee with homemade pumpkin creamer.


This flavorful condiment will definitely enhance your coffee. It’s easy to make plus it tastes ...

This pumpkin smoothie is a refreshing fall treat with the fresh flavors of pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla.  It is made in the blender in less than 5 minutes.

Pumpkin Smoothie

This creamy Pumpkin Smoothie with the fresh flavors of pumpkin, banana, cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla ...

1st Photo of Chilled Vanilla-Almond Coffee.

Chilled Vanilla-Almond Coffee

This is my second attempt in preparing a chilled coffee recipe, and I was satisfied ...

Photo of Caramel Iced Coffee, with 1-cup of miniature ice cubes.

Caramel Iced Coffee

This Caramel Iced Coffee is so good, plus it doesn't take long to make.

Photo of Chai Tea Latte served in a coffee cup. This is also delicious served along with cookies.

Chai Tea Latte

I enjoy this coffee beverage. And it can easily be reduced to 2 servings. ...

Photo of Cranberry Iced Tea.

Cranberry Iced Tea

This Cranberry Iced Tea is quite refreshing! Before I start preparing the tea, I ...

May day mead (sima)

May Day Mead (Sima)

Sima is a type of mead which is bubbly and very refreshing. It's made with ...

Photo of McCormick's Coconut Extract, which I used when preparing the Homemade Coconut Coffee Creamer.

Homemade Coconut Coffee Creamer

This Homemade Coconut Coffee Creamer is so easy to make. Plus I enjoy it ...

Two Kahlua Mocha Frappes ready to drink.

Kahlua Mocha Frappe

Mmm mmm good! Great couples drink.

Sweet cream in a mason jar.

Italian Sweet Cream Coffee Creamer

I really enjoy Coffee Mate's Italian Sweet Cream Coffee Creamer. I've read the ingredients ...

You will never buy store bought again and the best part is  You know exactly what is in it!!!!!!!


I like knowing what is in the ingredients and lately I'm not impressed with the ...

Glass of a single serving of malted milk powder mixed with milk

Homemade Chocolate Malt Drink Mix

This is so yummy! I love malted milk like ovaltine or carnation but the price ...

Photo of Lemonade Flavored Iced Tea, which I added some miniature ice cubes.

Lemonade Flavored Iced Tea

I made this Lemonade Flavored Iced Tea for many years. You can use either ...

Two glasses of Skinny Eggnog with whipped cream on top.

Skinny Eggnog

This is really good if you like eggnog but don't like the fat. This is ...

Mexican Rice Milk, Horchata Mexicana poured into two glasses.

Mexican Rice Milk, Horchata Mexicana

This rice drink is both refreshing and delicious. It is made with rice, almonds, cinnamon, ...


An authentic Sangria from the Valencia region of Spain. Use any dry, full-bodied red wine, ...



Tastes just like it came from our coffee shop! Enjoy!

This Arnold Palmer Drink is a fun, easy, and refreshing mix of tea and lemonade.  It is perfect for pool parties, picnics, and camping trips.

Arnold Palmer

This classic Arnold Palmer Drink is a refreshing combination of tea and homemade lemonade. ...

Bottled sweet and sour mixer on counter next to lemons and lime juice.


One day, I was craving a Long Island Iced Tea, but I didn't have any ...

Two glasses of The Perfect Red Sangria.

The Perfect Red Sangria

I love red wine sangria, so I have tried making it several different ways. I ...

Akvavit (Aquavit)

This is a very basic Aquavit recipe. If you like, you can also add coriander ...