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Blue Ribbon Christmas Recipes

From elegant dinner ideas to adorable Christmas cookies and delicious Christmas desserts, celebrate the holidays with tasty Christmas recipes.

Cajun Oyster Stuffing baked until golden brown.

Cajun Oyster Stuffing

Joyce Lowery avatar
By Joyce Lowery
I am the only one in my family that likes oysters, so this doesn't get ...
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A basket of Grandma's Yeast Rolls.

Grandma's Yeast Rolls

Jessica Ezell avatar
By Jessica Ezell
My family loves these rolls. I have to make them every holiday. I love the ...
(4 ratings)
Roasted Garlic Mushrooms on a spoon.

Roasted Garlic Mushrooms

Carol Perricone avatar
By Carol Perricone
I love mushrooms!
(12 ratings)
A platter of Buttery Roasted Potatoes.

Buttery Roasted Potatoes

Joyce Lowery avatar
By Joyce Lowery
Hard to believe that something so easy could taste so good!
(2 ratings)
A tray of Mom's Dinner Rolls.

Mom's Dinner Rolls

Rosemary Mills avatar
By Rosemary Mills
My mother worked to perfect this recipe for a couple of years. Now, we all ...
(3 ratings)
Creamy Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes with golden brown cheese.

Creamy Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes

Marilana Sather avatar
By Marilana Sather
These are the BEST scalloped potatoes ever. Very moist and cheesy. The addition of ham ...
(2 ratings)
A slice cut off the Bourbon Glazed Ham.

Bourbon Honey Glazed Ham

Kathy Kope avatar
By Kathy Kope
My niece made this for Easter a few years and now we make it every ...
(2 ratings)
Delish Ham Glaze on a baked ham.

Delish Ham Glaze

Carrie Busick avatar
By Carrie Busick
This is my mother-in-law's recipe. It is so easy to make and use.
(3 ratings)
Three Mac and Cheese Bites on a plate.

Easy Macaroni And Cheese Bites

Sylvia Bourque avatar
By Sylvia Bourque
Indulge in your favorite comfort food with our homemade macaroni and cheese bites. I've added ...
(2 ratings)
Uncle Greg's Green Bean Casserole cooked until golden brown.

Uncle Greg's Green Bean Casserole

Fran Murray avatar
By Fran Murray
Ever since my older brother, Greg, made green bean casserole from scratch for Thanksgiving, the ...
(1 rating)
Corn Pudding in a baking dish.

Corn Pudding

Heidi Bailey avatar
By Heidi Bailey
My mom made this once and my whole family loved it!! Once I moved out ...
(22 ratings)
Roast Turkey on a platter ready to be served.

Roast Turkey

Nell Stewart avatar
By Nell Stewart
For you new cooks or those who have not used a roasting bag, this is ...
(5 ratings)
Slices of Cranberry Banana Tea Loaf alongside a cup of tea.

Cranberry Banana Tea Loaf

Carol L. avatar
By Carol L.
This recipe has been a big favorite at my house. For many Christmases, we've made ...
(6 ratings)
Honey Baked Ham ready to be sliced.

Honey Baked Ham

Pam Martin-Allen avatar
By Pam Martin-Allen
A delicious ham for your holiday meal.
(45 ratings)
Honey Roasted Carrots on a serving tray.

Honey Roasted Carrots

Debbie Lopez avatar
By Debbie Lopez
This is best with really young fresh small carrots. Small young carrots do not need ...
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Blueberry sauce poured over the french toast casserole.

Blueberry Cream Cheese French Toast Casserole

Roberta Broussard avatar
By Roberta Broussard
This is a family favorite. It's really for breakfast, but it's good enough for a ...
(70 ratings)
Italian Fig Cookies was pinched from <a" class="w-100 rounded-top border-bottom fade-img rcp" />

Italian Fig Cookies

Angela LeMoine avatar
By Angela LeMoine
In our family, Christmas cookies are kind of a big deal. The famous ones are ...
(1 rating)

Corn Casserole

Muna Escobar avatar
By Muna Escobar
This recipe was given to me from a friend at our local church who would ...
(51 ratings)
A big cup of Holiday Hot Cocoa with whipped cream on top.

Holiday Hot Cocoa

Pamela Dapice avatar
By Pamela Dapice
This is a healthier version of a decadent, European hot chocolate. It's very thick, very ...
(2 ratings)
Cream Cheese Mashed Potatoes scooped into in a smaller bowl.

Cream Cheese Mashed Potatoes

Kim Kelemen avatar
By Kim Kelemen
(13 ratings)
A plate of Christmas Vanilla Butter Cutout cookies.

Christmas Vanilla Butter Cutouts

Nancy Maiorana avatar
By Nancy Maiorana
I have been using this recipe for my Christmas cookies for over 20 years. ...
(1 rating)
A glass of Spiced Christmas Tea.

Spiced Christmas Tea

Adrienne May avatar
By Adrienne May
Another cherished Christmas recipe! Hope you and your family enjoy it.
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Mama's Chess Pie dusted with powdered sugar.

Mama's Chess Pie

Cathy Smith avatar
By Cathy Smith
This particular recipe is quite old, it is older than I am so it is ...
(2 ratings)
A slice cut from the Sangria Glazed Ham.

Sangria Glazed Ham

Megan Flores avatar
By Megan Flores
A sweet and flavorful ham recipe that's sure to have eyebrows raising! ***Disclaimer - 99% of ...
(2 ratings)