Coffee Monkey

Coffee Monkey
Created November 2011

Stormy Stewart
By Stormy Stewart @karlyn255
According to a coffee history legend, an Arabian shepherd named Kaldi found his goats dancing joyously around a dark green leafed shrub with bright red cherries in the southern tip of the Arabian Peninsula. Kaldi soon determined that it was the bright red cherries on the shrub that were causing the peculiar euphoria and after trying the cherries himself, he learned of their powerful effect. The stimulating effect was then exploited by monks at a local monastery to stay awake during extended hours of prayer and distributed to other monasteries around the world. Coffee was born.

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Samantha Dean - over a year ago
Thank you Stormy for including my coffee punch in your book!
Stormy Stewart - over a year ago
Thank you Norma
Norma DeRemer - over a year ago
Another great one Stormy and thanks for including my recipe in it. Hugs
Stormy Stewart - over a year ago
Thanks Bonnie
Bonnie . - over a year ago
Nice collection, Stormy! Thanks!
Stormy Stewart - over a year ago
It is the logo on my Coffee Monkey group here on JAP
Stormy Stewart - over a year ago
Thanks Lillian
Lillian Russo - over a year ago
Thank you for adding my Iced Coffee recipe to your book! I love the front cover...cute! =)
Colleen Sowa - over a year ago
Hi Stormy! I read the other one first... both are great! xo
Kim Biegacki - over a year ago
Love my coffee too!!! Thanks so much for including my Kahlua shooters into your cookbook. Lots of yummy drinks to choose from in this one. :-)
Karla Everett - over a year ago
Stormy what a great book , I had to download this one too. Thanks for putting in several of my Grandma's recipes in your selection :-)