A Duke Thing

A Duke Thing
Created October 2011

Stormy Stewart
By Stormy Stewart @karlyn255
~ A Duke thing ~In our house anthing that was quirky or odd was said to be a "Duke thing". My Parents were Jack and Marie Duke. Thus the reason for the saying. This book is a group of Duke family favorites from Childhood until now. It was made to carry out the tradition of family and food.

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Stormy Stewart - Nov 1, 2011
Love you guys and the recipes have become a favorite with both my daughter and my self.
Gloria Gasperson'Giddings - Oct 31, 2011
What a great cookbook Stormy.Thank your for including my recipe!!
Eddie Jordan - Oct 31, 2011
What a great cookbook Stormy. Thank you for using my Chicken Pizza I'm honered.
Colleen Sowa - Oct 30, 2011
Hi Stormy! Love the cover photo! Very good job on the cookbook! Thank you for including my recipe! xoxox
Karla Everett - Oct 30, 2011
Nice book Stormy , glad to see that you became a member so you could make all these great cookbooks and now be able download all of them too. :D
Penny Hall - Oct 30, 2011
Love the collection of this book Stormy!
Bonnie . - Oct 30, 2011
Excellent collection of Duke Things, Stormy! Thanks!