Pasta Side Recipes

5 Cheese Macaroni Recipe

5 Cheese Macaroni

By jenifer carnegie

Whether it is a summer picnic or Christmas dinner, all year around, my family asks me...

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Traditional Macaroni & Cheese Recipe

Traditional Macaroni & Cheese

By Ch Chamber

This is the closest to Stouffer's Mac & Cheese that I've found. I love their mac...

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Goulash In A Crockpot Recipe

Goulash In A Crockpot

By Donna Woodford

I always make my goulash a little different so this time I used a crockpot that...

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Brandywine Tomato Marinara Sauce Recipe

Brandywine Tomato Marinara Sauce

By Mighty 'Mato

Delicious and simple, this versatile marinara sauce is perfect on pasta, toasted bread, pizza or as...

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Grandma's Italian Meatballs Recipe

Grandma's Italian Meatballs

By Cassie *

My Grandma gave me this recipe years ago.. I keep them stocked up in the freezer...

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