Pasta Side Recipes

Pasta Slaw Recipe

Pasta Slaw

Shelene Wilhelm
By Shelene Wilhelm

We came up with this recipe after eating pasta slaw at Nordy's BBQ. Neither my husband...

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5 Cheese Macaroni Recipe

5 Cheese Macaroni

jenifer carnegie
By jenifer carnegie

Whether it is a summer picnic or Christmas dinner, all year around, my family asks me...

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Homemade Macaroni & Cheese by Paula Deen Recipe

Homemade "Macaroni & Cheese" by Paula Deen

Teresa Eckert
By Teresa Eckert

I love this recipe from Paula Deen, she captures the essence of great home cook'in.. This...

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Grandmother's Seafood Salad Recipe

Grandmother's Seafood Salad

Melanie B
By Melanie B

My ex-husband's Grandmother made this every year for Thanksgiving and my MIL makes it at Christmas...

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Bacon & Tomato Pasta Salad Recipe

Bacon & Tomato Pasta Salad

Marianne Gleason
By Marianne Gleason

Perfect for these hot summer nights! Goes together quickly and not too heavy! Serving...

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Deviled Macaroni Salad Recipe

Deviled Macaroni Salad

Linda Dalton
By Linda Dalton

I love deviled eggs and found a way to get their spicy flavor into a simple...

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Sweetie Pie's Mac & Cheese Recipe

Sweetie Pie's Mac & Cheese

linda hennessey
By linda hennessey

This local restaurant serves up great soul food and southern style cooking. Given the ingredients in...

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~ Awesome Greek Pasta Salad ~ Cassies Recipe

~ Awesome Greek Pasta Salad ~ Cassies

Cassie *
By Cassie *

I've been making this salad for years. I am always requested to bring it to parties....

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Donna's Macaroni Salad Recipe

Donna's Macaroni Salad

Elaine Moretti
By Elaine Moretti

Everyone always asks me to make double so they will have some to take home in...

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Mrs. Austin's Macaroni and Cheese Recipe

Mrs. Austin's Macaroni and Cheese

Sharon Freeze
By Sharon Freeze

My mother found this recipe many years ago and it has become known as Mrs. Austin's...

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