Pasta Side Recipes

Chinese Fried Noodles Recipe

Chinese Fried Noodles

By April Huff
These Chinese Fried Noodles are awsome! Kids love it, and it is quick, cheap, and super...

Simple lo mein Recipe

Simple lo mein

By Erin Byrnes
I have an aversion to most take away Chinese restaurants near me, too greasy. But, I...

Deli Mac Salad Recipe

Deli Mac Salad

By Helene Mulvihill
This is a family recipe from my husbands family. They owned a deli in NJ many...

Catie's Island Tuna Salad Recipe

Catie's Island Tuna Salad

By Catie B
I found this recipe many years ago and adapted it. During the years I made this,...

Pasta Slaw Recipe

Pasta Slaw

By Shelene Wilhelm
We came up with this recipe after eating pasta slaw at Nordy's BBQ. Neither my husband...

Best Macaroni Salad Recipe

Best Macaroni Salad

By Anne Jordan
This is the best macaroni salad that I've tasted. (I also have a fantastic pasta salad...

Spaghetti Quick Lunch Recipe

Spaghetti Quick Lunch

By Penny Mayfield
I adopted this recipe while I was looking for good lunch recipes. Let find out just...

Sweet Macaroni Salad Recipe

Sweet Macaroni Salad

By Lynda Sweezey
A sweet dressing makes this macaroni salad special . I sometimes leave out green peppers because...