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Braised Short Ribs Recipe

Braised Short Ribs

By Cindy White
This recipe is a regular request for birthday dinners etc. It looks complicated, but after...

Roy's Grilled Korean Beef Short-ribs Recipe

Roy's Grilled Korean Beef Short-Ribs

By Sherri Williams
One word" SCRUMDIGGITY"! These Korean beef short-ribs (Kalbi) are some of the best ribs that I've...

Honey Braised Short Ribs Recipe

Honey Braised Short Ribs

By C W
Short ribs cooked in a honey BBQ sauce with red wine and onions. Turns out delicious...

Beef Short Ribs Recipe

Beef Short Ribs

By Patti Petty
A very dear friend shared this recipe with me. I was shocked when I saw the...

Barbecued Beef Back Ribs Recipe

Barbecued beef back ribs

By Lynnda Cloutier
you'll usually see beef back ribs in four or six bone pieces and they typically don't...

Russ's Barbecued Country Ribs Recipe

Russ's Barbecued Country Ribs

By Russ Myers
This microwave recipe is very easy to prepare, with little mess in the kitchen. Everyone will...