Fruit Dessert Recipes

Frosty Cranberry Salad Recipe

Frosty Cranberry Salad

By Sue M

Sue M

I found this in a Southern Living Cookbook when I was looking for something different for...

Uses for Pineapple juice from a can Recipe

Uses for Pineapple juice from a can

By Stormy Stewart

Stormy Stewart

I was noticing that in so many recipes you add canned pineapple drained and no where...

Fluffy Cranberry Salad Recipe

Fluffy Cranberry Salad

By Linda O'Donnell

Linda O'Donnell

Great with the traditional turkey dinner. Very light! Drop the sugar a bit if you like...

Strawberry Puff Recipe

Strawberry Puff

By Sue Hayes

Sue Hayes

This recipe is great for the summer months or enjoy anytime. It is so quick and...

Fruit  Custard Recipe

Fruit Custard

By Pat Duran

Pat Duran

This creamy fruity custard is delicious and can be used with any flavor of jello...

Fried Apple Pies Recipe

Fried Apple Pies

By Bernice Mosteller

Bernice Mosteller

These are great little apple pies, & you can change the fruit to a different filling,...