Fruit Dessert Recipes

Apple Crisp Recipe

Apple Crisp

By Crystal W.
This is my mom's recipe, and it's the best apple crisp I've ever tasted! It...

Buttery Cinnamon Skillet Apples Recipe


By Ellen Bales
I don't know who deserves credit for this recipe but they have my undying devotion for...

Banana Split Loaf Recipe

Banana Split Loaf

By Lovefoodies lovefoodies
Banana Split Loaf! This is a wonderful moist cake bursting with goodies and so very easy...

Clafoutis (pronounced Klah-foo-tee) Recipe

Clafoutis (pronounced klah-foo-tee)

By christina obrien
Clafoutis is one of the simplest French desserts and yet its elegant and delicious. Somewhere between...

Creamy Lime Squares Recipe

Creamy Lime Squares

By Leanne D.
Toni T. sent me this email and I'm SO HAPPY she did because they were DEEEEE...

Cheesy Rhubarb Squares Recipe

Cheesy Rhubarb Squares

By Kim McCarty
I love this recipe, especially rhubarb to.e, been taking to family reunion and one of the...

Dreamsicle Dessert Recipe

Dreamsicle Dessert

By Kathi Cahall
Ran across this recipe while looking for something to make for Curious Cuisiners and it sounded...

Fried Bananas With Cinnamon Recipe

Fried Bananas with Cinnamon

By Andy Anderson !
These are extremely easy to make, the bananas blend with the coconut oil, and the cinnamon...