Fruit Dessert Recipes

Chocolate-Strawberry Pie Recipe

Chocolate-Strawberry Pie

Terrie Hoelscher
By Terrie Hoelscher

Per slice: Calories= 420; Total Fat = 26g; Sodium = 220mg; Fiber = 2g ... NOT your...

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WonTon Pie Bites Recipe

WonTon Pie Bites

Jeanne Benavidez
By Jeanne Benavidez

A co-worker brought these to a luncheon one day, several years ago, and they were a...

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Crepes Recipe


Donna Huffman
By Donna Huffman

Use Vanilla Pudding. Crepe and then pudding layer it until you have used the last one...

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Apple Bundles Recipe

Apple Bundles

Terrie Hoelscher
By Terrie Hoelscher

These are very simple little treats, and are a great way to use up some apples....

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Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries Recipe

Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries

Opal Jackson-Cakmak
By Opal Jackson-Cakmak

These aren't anything complicated. With five ingredients, they take only a few minutes to put together. You...

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Tropical Watermelon Cilantro Salsa Recipe

Tropical Watermelon Cilantro Salsa

Russ Myers
By Russ Myers

Whether your hosting a Cinco de Mayo themed party or simply looking forward to an inspired...

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Apple Crisp Oven Pancake Recipe

Apple Crisp Oven Pancake

Pat Duran
By Pat Duran

I have adopted this recipe.This is a recipe that has all the things I like...

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Easy Peach Cobbler Recipe

Easy Peach Cobbler

Louise Taylor
By Louise Taylor

My sister-in-law gave me this recipe and we all love it. It's VERY easy to make-and...

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Peach Cobbler Recipe

Peach Cobbler

Laura Young
By Laura Young

Every time I make this cobbler I get requests for the recipe. One of our friends...

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Great Spring Rhubarb Coffee Cake Recipe

Great Spring Rhubarb Coffee Cake


I remember my grandmother eating that bunch of "weeds" that grew by the garage. I...

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Apple Dumplings Recipe

Apple Dumplings

Laura Davis
By Laura Davis

Serve this with vanilla ice cream. This recipe could very easily be made for a diabetic,...

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