Fruit Dessert Recipes

Georgia Peach Cobbler Recipe

Georgia Peach Cobbler

Hope Vaillancourt
By Hope Vaillancourt

Being born in Georgia myself, I have a soft spot for southern food not just because...

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Angel Lush With Pineapple Recipe

Angel Lush With Pineapple

Zelda Hopkins
By Zelda Hopkins

This is another recipe from my sister and she got it from a co-worker. Its very...

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Baked Cobbler in a Jar!! Recipe

Baked Cobbler in a Jar!!

Carole F
By Carole F

I had several open houses this past summer that I did the dessert displays for, and...

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Key Lime Coconut Angel Cake Recipe

Key Lime Coconut Angel Cake

Pat Duran
By Pat Duran

Betty Crocker says,"Who can resist this heavenly dessert when it's so easy to make?"

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Bananas Foster Quesadillas Recipe

Bananas Foster Quesadillas

Melissa Sperka
By Melissa Sperka

Bananas Foster is a dessert that was created in 1951 at Brennan's Restaurant in New Orleans...

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Cantaloupe Peach Cobbler Recipe

Cantaloupe Peach Cobbler

Melissa Johnson
By Melissa Johnson

This is a delicious cobbler for anyone who isn't crazy about peaches! It's perfect for summertime...

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Sweet Cream Cheese Bread Recipe

Sweet Cream Cheese Bread

Sandy Houser
By Sandy Houser

This is so easy! You only need to remember to thaw the bread dough first. You...

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Kathleen Bunting
By Kathleen Bunting

A slick trick--a super dessert! Be ready to serve seconds--you'll have request. One of my children's birthday...

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Pineapple Cream Angel Food Cake Recipe

Pineapple Cream Angel Food Cake

Tammy McGee
By Tammy McGee

Found this on another recipe site, just made a few changes to accomodate my family. The...

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