Poultry Appetizer Recipes

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Strips Recipe

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Strips


I found this recipe several years back and my family and i love these. Don't add...

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Grilled Jerk Chicken Wings Recipe

Grilled Jerk Chicken Wings

Lillian Russo
By Lillian Russo

I found this recipe on a cooking site and tried it! It was PERFECTLY DELICIOUS! It...

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Turkey Sausage Quiches Recipe

Turkey Sausage Quiches

Colleen Sowa
By Colleen Sowa

This is an adopted recipe from Just A Pinch that I changed to my liking... ...

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Thai Lettuce Wraps from The Cheesecake Factory Recipe

Thai Lettuce Wraps from The Cheesecake Factory

malinda sargent
By malinda sargent

From http://restaurantrecipesbook.com/the-cheesecake-factory-lettuce-wraps-recipe/ This is by far my favorite recipe!

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Slow Baked Chicken Wings Recipe

Slow Baked Chicken Wings

Angela Pietrantonio
By Angela Pietrantonio

I make these wings whenever my kids are all together! They are extremely delish! From "cooks.com"

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Spicy Honey Wings Recipe

Spicy Honey Wings

Linda Griffith
By Linda Griffith

These are sooo good that it's hard to quit eating them. I use fresh chicken...

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Spiral Omelets Supreme Recipe

Spiral Omelets Supreme

Pat Duran
By Pat Duran

This recipe by Debbie Morris in Taste of Home a while back is very tasty- I have...

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Buffalo Chicken Deviled Eggs Recipe

Buffalo Chicken Deviled Eggs

Raven Higheagle
By Raven Higheagle

Last week I made some incredible Buffalo Chicken Deviled Eggs to enjoy for lunch while my...

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