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Fried Ramen Noodle Patties Recipe

Fried Ramen Noodle Patties

Joan kelley
By Joan kelley

I have taken this recipe to potlucks -made it vegetarian when needed, used chicken, seafood- changed dipping...

Nachos Recipe


Nicole Bredeweg
By Nicole Bredeweg

This recipe is a Pillsbury recipe slaughtered and patched with Nikki-ingenuity. We were trying a...

Philly Roll Ups Recipe

Philly Roll Ups

Nina Wade
By Nina Wade

This is SO easy, it's almost funny! LOL! My family loves it though, and its a...

Devilishly Good Eggs Recipe

Devilishly Good Eggs

Ellen Crow
By Ellen Crow

My Grandma taught me the recipe for these sweet and savory eggs. And don't be afraid...