Appetizer Recipes

Mini pepperoni pizzas Recipe

Mini pepperoni pizzas

Jennifer DeShazo
By Jennifer DeShazo

These are great for slumber parties and kid gatherings. Of course, you can change the actual...

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Erick's Taco Melt Recipe

Erick's Taco Melt

Mikki Miller
By Mikki Miller

This recipe came from my husband who made it up by combining flavors that he liked...

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Texas Caviar - Roeder style Recipe

Texas Caviar - Roeder style

Holly Roeder
By Holly Roeder

This is my personal twist on an old favorite - Texas Caviar. My husband's family is...

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Pizza Dip Recipe

Pizza Dip

Mary Hodges
By Mary Hodges

Great and easy recipe for those Sunday afternoon football games on TV or just one to...

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Yummy Tortilla Roll-Ups Recipe

Yummy Tortilla Roll-Ups

Carla Skiles
By Carla Skiles

A co-worker shared this wonderful recipe with me years ago and it is one that I...

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Fried Ramen Noodle Patties Recipe

Fried Ramen Noodle Patties

Joan kelley
By Joan kelley

I have taken this recipe to potlucks -made it vegetarian when needed, used chicken, seafood- changed dipping...

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Nachos Recipe


Nicole Bredeweg
By Nicole Bredeweg

This recipe is a Pillsbury recipe slaughtered and patched with Nikki-ingenuity. We were trying a...

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Philly Roll Ups Recipe

Philly Roll Ups

Nina Wade
By Nina Wade

This is SO easy, it's almost funny! LOL! My family loves it though, and its a...

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Devilishly Good Eggs Recipe

Devilishly Good Eggs

Ellen Crow
By Ellen Crow

My Grandma taught me the recipe for these sweet and savory eggs. And don't be afraid...

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Nani's Bacon Roll Ups Recipe

Nani's Bacon Roll Ups

Cheryl Morgan
By Cheryl Morgan

My mother who was a fantastic self-taught cook made these for all occasions; after-school snacks, friends...

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Bennie Shaw
By Bennie Shaw

These are so much easier than some of the other recipes and are excellent. Usually...

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