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Hamburger Souffle Sandwich Recipe

Hamburger Souffle Sandwich

By Pat Duran
These sandwiches came about quite by accident- and turned out quite nice. I had some ...

Taco Noodle Bake Recipe

Taco Noodle Bake

By Jenni K
This is an easy, flavorful meal to throw together on the weeknights. You can make it...

Colorado Cowboy Casserole Recipe

Colorado Cowboy Casserole

By Lisa Foote
Cowboy Casseroles have a long history, and many varieties. I added a little spice to ours,...

Enchilacomalejita Casserole (mexican Casserole) Recipe

Enchilacomalejita Casserole (Mexican Casserole)

By Kathy Sandoz
(ENCHILada-tACO-taMALE-faJITA) I didn't have all the ingredients to make any one whole recipe, so I decided...

Mighty Tasty Mac And Beef Recipe

Mighty Tasty Mac and Beef

By Debbie Sue
Great comfort food! Tastes just like my mother in law used to make! Quick and Easy too!

Steak Kabobs Recipe

Steak Kabobs

By Aurora McBee
This is a summer favorite of mine. I also frequently make these while we're camping.

Aunt Marla's Sloppy Joe's Recipe

Aunt Marla's Sloppy Joe's

By Elizabeth Lancaster
My great aunt Marla makes an amazing sloppy joe. its a little different but really good,...

Goulash Recipe


By Marsha Gardner
I am not sure why this called Goulash as it is nothing like the Hungarian Goulash...

Meatloaf Peasant Wellington Recipe

Meatloaf Peasant Wellington

By Bea Long
This is for everyone who loves beef wellington and never could get the right doneness. I...

Mexi Dogs Recipe

Mexi Dogs

By Elizabeth Lancaster
When I was newly married my husband had introduced me to an amazing cook, she was...