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A slice of Creamy Lemon Meringue Cake on a plate.

Creamy Lemon Meringue Cake

Melissa Johnson avatar
By Melissa Johnson
I used a variation of my mom's Creamy Lemon Meringue Pie recipe and put it ...
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Slices of Eggnog Sweet Potato Pie with whipped cream on top.

Mellina's Eggnog Sweet Potato Pie

Mellina Land avatar
By Mellina Land
I came up with this Eggnog Sweet Potato Pie with a vanilla wafer crust recipe ...
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Coconut milk ice cream on a plate with warm crustless peach cobbler.

Coconut Milk Ice Cream Or Popsicles- Scd Compliant

C C avatar
By C C
So far this is my kid’s & my favorite SCD coconut ice-cream recipe, after trying ...
Cooked Frosting piped onto cupcakes.

Cooked Frosting

Karen Greenwood avatar
By Karen Greenwood
This delicious cooked frosting recipe was given to me by a co-worker, Judy Larson who ...
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The Absolute Best Buttercream Frosting... Ever.

The Absolute Best Buttercream Frosting... Ever!

Whitney Froehlich avatar
By Whitney Froehlich
For years I have searched and searched and searched... and even did some more searching ...
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A plate of Vanilla Pudding Poppers.

Vanilla Pudding Poppers

A Q avatar
By A Q
These are so easy to make and versatile! You can fill them with any kind ...
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Slice of the cheesecake on a plate.

Intro Diet Cheesecake “pudding”

C C avatar
By C C
This is a yummy dessert that can be made with the few ingredients that my ...
A platter of Vanilla Nutella Cupcakes.

Vanilla Nutella Cupcakes

Catherine Cappiello Pappas avatar
By Catherine Cappiello Pappas
These cupcakes are light and airy. A perfect combo of vanilla and chocolate!
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Fudge Brownies (real Chocolate)

Amy H. avatar
By Amy H.
This is one of the best brownie recipes I've ever made. The real chocolate in ...

Dark Chocolate-almond Brownie Bites (flour Free)

Amy H. avatar
By Amy H.
Calories 116 per 1/16 piece Total Fat 4.5g Saturated Fat 1.1g Cholesterol 0mg Sodium 59mg 3% Total Carbohydrate 20.1g Dietary Fiber ...

Gluten Free Peanut Butter-banana Oatmeal Cookies

Amy H. avatar
By Amy H.
These are a wonderful, healthy cookie that will satisfy your cravings without packing on too ...
A cake iced with Yummy Vanilla Buttercream Frosting.

Yummy Vanilla Buttercream Frosting

Sherry Symmonds avatar
By Sherry Symmonds
I was working on my first fondant covered cake for my daughter's birthday -a feat ...
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Slice of Butterbeer Cream Cake on a plate.

Butterbeer Cream Cake... For The Finest Wizards

Juliana Evans avatar
By Juliana Evans
Universal Islands Adventure, we had our first sip of Butterbeer. Butterbeer is from the series ...
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Vanilla Almond Cereal and Mango

Vanilla Almond Mango Cereal

Catherine Ferensic avatar
By Catherine Ferensic
Morning/snack enjoy
Pieces of Vanilla Walnut Fudge on a cooling rack.

Vanilla Walnut Fudge

Gail Herbest avatar
By Gail Herbest
I love this fudge. It's a change from chocolate and one of my favorites. Quick ...
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A square slice of Blueberry Cake With Vanilla Butter Sauce.

Blueberry Cake With Vanilla Butter Sauce

Cheryl Culver avatar
By Cheryl Culver
It's blueberry time. I got some this week at the store and was thinking about ...
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Simple French Toast

Amy H. avatar
By Amy H.
Fun Fact: Other names and types of French Toast include eggy bread, Bombay toast, German ...
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Marshmallow Vanilla Buttercream on a cupcake.

Marshmallow Vanilla Buttercream

Clare Butler avatar
By Clare Butler
This is the easiest frosting I have ever made and it is to die for! ...
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Cupcakes fresh out of the oven.

Dairy Free Vanilla Cake

Robin Lieneke avatar
By Robin Lieneke
One of my favorite customers is allergic to dairy. I kept having to improvise ...
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Easy pie crust recipe and fresh sweet tater pie just out of the oven.

Southern Sweet Potato Pie

Mary Hendricks avatar
By Mary Hendricks
Sometimes simple is best. This was my kids fathers great grandmothers recipe. My sons ...

Scottish Oats With Apples & Raisins

Amy H. avatar
By Amy H.
Fun Breakfast Fact: Scottish oats is a type of porridge. Porridge is a food commonly ...
A stack of cherry vanilla pancakes with whipped cream on top.

Cherry-vanilla Pancakes

Beverley Williams avatar
By Beverley Williams
I usually make these for my husband and children for Valentine's Day. But they are ...
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A plate of the ultimate butter cookies.

The Ultimate Butter Cookies

Cosette Khoryati avatar
By Cosette Khoryati
These cookies are so ridiculously easy and so very good! They are extremely buttery and ...
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