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#Mediterranean Recipes

A bowl of Mediterranean Salad.

Mediterranean Salad

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By Jenny Powers
I make this often. It is so refreshing and full of flavor. Friends request this.
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A bowl of Mediterranean Tomato Bisque.

Mediterranean Tomato Basil Bisque

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By Debbie Thurmond
I am not too much of a tomato soup fan, but I just love this ...
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Greek Seasoning

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By Carolyn Haas
I needed Greek seasoning for a recipe and didn't want to make a huge batch. ...
Rosemary Bread cut into slices.

Rosemary Bread

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By Vickie Parks
This is a simple Mediterranean rosemary bread recipe from Malta (called Hobz tal-Malti). It's easy ...
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Cooked eggplants on a white plate.

Mediterranean Eggplant Casserole

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By Francine Lizotte
The combination of ingredients and flavors brings comfort food to a new whole level!

Gozo Ftira With Tomato, Onion And Basil

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By Vickie Parks
Ftira is a type of sandwich bread served in Malta. This version is more ...

Little Orange Cakes (bolinhos De Laranja)

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By Vickie Parks
The Portuguese name for these sweet little individual mini cakes, Bolinhos de Laranja, translates to ...
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Spanish Orange-almond Cake (torta De Almendra)

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By Vickie Parks
This is a Spanish cake recipe that's really easy to make. It's a really nice ...
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Mediterranean Chicken

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By Darci Juris
I love to have a healthy meal that I can just grab out of the ...
Chickpea Garbanzo Pancake

Gluten Free Chickpea Pancakes Or Flatbread

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By Kristina Turner
This is an adaptation of the Mediterranean flatbread recipe that uses olive oil with optional ...
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These are not actually the veggies I made last night as it was dark and everyone was hungry :), so I borrowed this pic from elsewhere so you get the idea!

Mediterranean Veggie Kebabs

Brad Nichols avatar
By Brad Nichols
This one regularly impresses guests and family alike. A great flavor and a few secrets to ...
Delicous, moist and tender halibut cheeks served in a lemon-garlic-olive oil sauce, nesting in black squid ink pasta.

Halibut Cheeks With Lemon & Garlic On Black Pasta

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By FH Browne
If you’ve never had halibut cheeks, you’re in for a culinary treat. Many people think ...

Pork Scaloppine With Mustard Pan Sauce

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By Vickie Parks
This is a classic Italian dish that gets a modern update with healthier (reduced fat ...
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Quick Chicken Puttanesca

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By Vickie Parks
An Italian classic ready in 25 minutes. This version is different than similar Puttanesca recipes ...
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Pear Compote (Compota de Peras)

Pear Compote (compota De Peras)

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By Vickie Parks
So easy to prepare! Pear Compote (Compota de Peras, in Spain) is served all ...

Italian Garbanzo Bean Salad

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By Vickie Parks
This is such a great salad that's packed with robust Italian flavor. It makes a ...
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Greek Garbanzo Bean Salad

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By Vickie Parks
This is a great salad recipe that's perfect for any Greek-themed dinner.
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Mediterranean Herbed Rice

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By Vickie Parks
This rice side dish can be served anytime, but it’s excellent in the springtime when ...

Mediterranean Chicken With Olives And Tomatoes

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By Tammy Raynes
Brown the chicken first will render excess fat and develop additional flavor. Serve this over ...

Mediterranean Quinoa Salad

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By Tammy T
I made this salad for my granddaughters birthday party and everyone loved it! I doubled ...
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Pork Roast With Garlic And Herbs

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By Gretchen ***
The smell in the house when this roast is in the oven is heavenly! You can ...
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Lemon Chicken

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By Gretchen ***
This chicken dinner is super easy and delicious. ...
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This is for the recipe variation in the notes below.

Balsamic Vinegar Spaghetti Squash & Chicken Dinner

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By C C
These made a really nice dinner combination. The balsamic vinegar for dipping & tasty ...
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Mediterranean pasta pictured with the optional asparagus and optional Mozzarella Caprese salad.
I love the versatility with this dish! 
Bon appetit!

Mediterranean Love

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By Amanda A. Becker
You know what they say on how to keep a man happy? This is a ...
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