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A slice of Ma's English Plum Pudding on a plate.

Ma's English Plum Pudding

Denise Senecal avatar
By Denise Senecal
This recipe has been handed down from my great-grandmother and before.
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Grandmama Watson's Fresh Blueberry Cobbler baked until golden brown.

Grandmama Watson's Fresh Blueberry Cobbler

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By Bobbi Jo Lathan
I posted the recipe all written out in longhand by Grandmama herself.
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Yummy Fruit Salad Dressing poured over fruit when serving.

Yummy Fruit Salad Dressing

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By Lynn Troutman
My grandchildren love a fruit salad, yummy yummy, and this dressing is simply marvelous.
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Plated strawberry jiffy cobbler with whipped cream on top.

Strawberry Jiffy Cobbler

Teresa G. avatar
By Teresa G.
Yum. I created a similar recipe to use specifically with frozen peaches, but decided to ...
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The Best Glazed Fruit Salad ready to be served.

The Best Glazed Fruit Salad!

Megan Haskins avatar
By Megan Haskins
I found this recipe in a 1950s magazine. I tweaked it by adding orange marmalade, ...
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Cherry Peach Kuchen

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By Robin Lieneke
I found a similar recipe in an old cookbook when rooting around for something sweet ...
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Decorated Strawberry Crunch Cake ready to be sliced.

Strawberry Crunch Cake

Roni Rawlins avatar
By Roni Rawlins
This recipe is a twist on an old classic favorite, Strawberry Crunch Ice Cream bars. ...
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Cranberry orange muffin with raisins and white chocolate chips

Cranberry Orange Muffin W/raisins & White Chips

Catherine Ferensic avatar
By Catherine Ferensic
Hi All just making an easy to make to get a snack or dessert ...
Slices of Spiced Cherry Bread on a platter.

Spiced Cherry Bread

Julie Nease avatar
By Julie Nease
This is a recipe I created from my mom's Spiced Zucchini Bread recipe. I love ...
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Slices of Forest's Pumpkin Bread.

Forest's Pumpkin Bread

Marcia McCance avatar
By Marcia McCance
This recipe is what my brother, Forest, makes as Christmas gifts for people every year. ...
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Two different jam recipes; one regular Fig Jam and the other is Balsamic Fig Jam

Fig Jam Two Ways

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By Francine Lizotte
These are delicious recipes to enjoy this fruit!
Strawberry Cobbler ready to be served.

Strawberry Cobbler

Shery Adams avatar
By Shery Adams
I like to take a basic recipe and tweak it a bit. I live just ...
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A bowl of Summer Fruit Salad With Mint & Limoncello.

Summer Fruit Salad With Mint & Limoncello

Nadine Mesch avatar
By Nadine Mesch
This is my all-time favorite fruit salad. the fresh mint and the Limoncello add a ...
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Dog Days Watermelon Salad ready to be served.

Dog Days Watermelon Salad

Connie Tucker avatar
By Connie Tucker
Now's the time to take advantage of the great supply of cucumbers and watermelon this ...
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Blueberry Cobbler (Kuchen) ready to be served.

Blueberry Cobbler (kuchen)

Angela Gray avatar
By Angela Gray
This is my Mom's recipe and is very easy with few ingredients. It works very ...
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Dump Cake ready to be served.

Dump Cake

I had this cake at a family function and it was so good! If you ...
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A platter of Momma Sweet Biscuits.

Momma Sweet Biscuits

Tammy Green avatar
By Tammy Green
My 9 yr old son named this snack/dessert. (Momma sweet biscuits). Now they are requested ...
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No Brainer Apple Pie

Family Favorites avatar
By Family Favorites
Do you love apple pies but hate making a pie crust? Maybe you want to ...
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Sliced Irish Barmbrack Cake for Halloween.

Irish Barmbrack Cakes For Halloween

Jenn Conley avatar
By Jenn Conley
Barmbrack is one of those traditional Halloween recipes that's both a dessert and a Halloween ...
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Toasted Coconut Grilled Fruit Skewers on a plate.

Toasted Coconut Grilled Fruit Skewers

Kitchen Crew avatar
By Kitchen Crew
Grilled fruit skewers are a delicious way to prepare fruit when it's in season. They ...
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A slice of Fruit and Cream Cheese Coffee Cake on a plate.

Fruit And Cream Cheese Coffee Cake

Julie Branham avatar
By Julie Branham
I love recipes that lend themselves to adaptation. Feel free to substitute whatever fruit you ...
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Berry Cream Cheese Danish ready to be sliced.

Berry Cream Cheese Danish

Cheryl Mills avatar
By Cheryl Mills
I created this recipe using a combination of recipes. These recipes have proven to be ...
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Bottled sweet and sour mixer on counter next to lemons and lime juice.

Sweet & Sour Cocktail Mixer

Teresa G. avatar
By Teresa G.
One day, I was craving a Long Island Iced Tea, but I didn't have any ...
Pineapple Blueberry Chess Pie ready to be sliced.

Pineapple Blueberry Chess Pie

Bobbie Weiner avatar
By Bobbie Weiner
I was looking for something tangy, and I have always loved the texture and simplicity ...
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