Potatoes Recipes

Asiago & Gruyere Potato Gratin

By Genny Miller
Here is a new twist on scalloped or potatoes gratin. I'm a huge lover of Asiago...

Asiago Potato Au Gratin

By Judy Wisniewski
Every year I make a special dinner for my family on valentines day. This year...

Asparagus and Broccoli Cheese Potatoe Topping

By Dana Ramsey
I got the base for this recipe from a Taste of Home Magazine. What a...

Au Gratin Potato Pancakes

By Debby Nelson
This recipe was in an old magazine I had. Yummy. Pinched the photo off...

Au gratin potatoes

By Lynnda Cloutier
Use a mandolin or food processor fitted with a slicing blade to get the potatoes as...

Au Gratin Potatoes

By Beverley Williams
These go gerat with roast of chicken.

Au Gratin Potatoes

By Amy Herald
This makes the best Au Gratin potatoes I've ever eaten! So yummy! You could add ham...

Au Gratin Potatoes

By Dave T.
Just a simple au gratin potato recipe. Par boiling the potatoes insures it will get tender,...

Au Gratin Potatoes - Simple & Delish

By Rose Selvar
Hubby was grilling pork chops for supper tonight and he suggested that we have Au Gratin...

Au Gratin Potatoes, Very Easy

By Jane Whittaker
This is a good beginners recipe. The white sauce is the beginning of literally hundreds of...

Augraten Potatoes

By Eve Peterson
Another Favorite recipe in my family!

Augratin Casserole

By Laura Geese
Ok, this is one of the EASIEST dinners I have made in a loooong time! I...

Augratin Potatoes

By Heather Fuller
Cook time is 30-60 min. Explination below lol.

Augratin Potatoes

By Linda Smith
This is really good for something different also great with eggs.

Aunt Bea's holiday potatoes

By Belinda Loucks
This is a huge hit at our holiday dinner table.


By Ellen Bales
Mother didn't make these quite as often as she made scalloped or mashed or fried, but...

Aunt Dianna's Bourbon Sweet Potatoes

By Joanna Petrasko
Was served sweet potatoes during my first Thanksgiving with my lovely boyfriend Matt's family, I took...

Aunt Dot's Potato Salad

By Lea Ann
I haven't always been a potato salad fan. But then I had my Aunt Dot's to...

Aunt Effie's Potato Casserole

By Claudia McClaran
Many years ago, someone in the family collected recipes from descendants of my great grandparents, William...

Aunt Hettie's Potatoes

By Tammy Brownlow
My mom made these and they are so good. She called them "Aunt Hettie's Potatoes"...

Aunt Kathy's French Potato Salad

By Nancy R
My Aunt Kathy is a great cook and this is her version of potato salad. No...

Aunt Laurie's Sweet Potato Souffle

By Shannon Carder
My Aunt Laurie makes this every year for Thanksgiving. It's what made me love sweet...
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